5 – Fridays

Feature Friday

A Home-Baked, Classic, Christmas Favourite! (Shortbread Cookies)  (12.14.2012)

Friday Feature: The Children’s Book Bank (11.30.2012)

Friday Feature: Ontario Early Years Centres (10.19.2012)

Friday Feature: Book Blogger Interview Callout (10.11.2012)

Friday Feature: BookClubBuddy.com (10.05.2012)


TGIF.08.03.2012 (Book Olympics)

Fashion Fridays

Fashion Fridays: 04.12.2013

Fashion Fridays: 07.13.2012

Fashion Fridays: 06.29.2012

Fashion Fridays. 06.22.2012

Bookish Fun Fridays

BFF.07.12.2013 – What Reader Species Are You?


BFF. 04.28.2012

BFF. 04.20.2012

Five-Question Friday

FQF. 03.23.2012

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