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Are You a Letter Writer, Too? Here Are Some Networks to Give Your Passionate Hobby a Home

Are You a Letter Writer, Too?

Here Are Some Networks to Give Your Passionate Hobby a Home


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

Perhaps you don’t consider yourself a creative writer, a scribe of sorts that spews out candid poems or stark short stories on the fly. Some people are like that. They can sit and type and write out a perfectly great novel.


But, for some of us our writing skills don’t necessarily come from a fictional point of view. For some of us, we simply enjoy divulging our personality on the page through letters.


If you’re a natural letter writer and your enjoy the slow and almost ancient art of penning correspondence rather than sending and receiving a mass email, then there are a few places for you—and for like-minded people like you!

I began “penpalling” as a child through a social studies project in grade school. My school was partnered with a school in Ghana and each student was matched with an age-appropriate penpal. Of course, when the program ended, so did my correspondence, but “penpalling” was always something I was interested in, but I wasn’t sure how to get started.

And now with the evolution of technology and the splurge of the World Wide Web, access to such networks actually exist.


If you’re looking for a social network that will provide you with access to a number of potential penpals from all over the world, I suggest using the site:

It’s free and all you need to do is sign-up and create a personal profile for yourself. You’re then able to share on your profile:

  • the language(s) you speak
  • the language(s) you’re learning
  • whether you’re looking for:
  • Snail Mail Penpals
  • a Language Exchange
  • or simply an Internet Penpal
  • Friendship/Romance

And you can search for penpals according to age, country, language spoken, or type of exchange.

You may make a request for a penpal or you may receive a request to become one! And it all starts from there. It’s entirely up to you in agreeing to become someone’s penpal or not.

In my experience, those who have written to me have not only taken the time and funds to do so, but have done so with genuine interest in me and letter writing.



If you are interested and you’d like to check out my Interpals’ profile as well, you can find it here.


If letter writing is too laborious for you and you’re not into long-term penpalling, another great alternative is the site:

Here, you can send out postcards!

Like Interpals, you can create your own profile for free and then request to send out a postcard to someone. Postcrossing will then generate a random name, address, and postcard ID for you at which point you are able to send a postcard out to that person.

You must include the Postcard ID that was assigned to you on your postcard and once the person you’ve sent the postcard to receives it and registers it online, your name will be put into the random generator to receive postcards.


You may send up to six postcards at a time and the more postcards you send, the more postcards you will most likely receive.

Direct postcard swaps between members are allowed at the discretion of the member (if the member has decided that they would like to participate in Direct Swaps).

You are also able to post your postcard images online.

I haven’t been that active until recently, but  have enjoyed sending and receiving postcards from people from many different countries, and am happy to see my postcard collection grow!

For those of you who may be interested, you can see my Postcrossing profile here.


So, what are you waiting for? If you love letter writing, would like to enjoy making penpal relationships through penned correspondence, or would simply like to grow a personal postcard collection, Interpals or Postcrossing is for you!

Hope we get to correspond through letters or postcross soon!