Bloggiesta ¡Olé!: March 30 – April 1

A wonderful thing about being a blogger is that it awards you an opportunity to be a part of a great community. I discovered Bloggiesta Olé and decided to sign up! I’m so glad I did! Now,  I’m participating in a huge blogathon and learning new things about the design of my blog.

Bloggiesta Olé runs for a frenzy, fun-filled weekend: March 30-April 1.

Here are my links to pages I’ve created or other pages that are helpful in reference to the Bloggiesta. Are you wearing a sombrero? I am!

Check back often, since I’ll be updating as I complete tasks.


Zara’s Task List for the Bloggiesta

Zara’s Task List Additions and Progress Update

Bloggiesta ¡Olé! Taco Wrap Up

Mini Challenge #2: Mr. Linky Test

Mini Challenge: #3.1: HTML Basics: Make something clickable!

Mini Challenge: #3.2: HTML Basics: Email directly

Mini Challenge: #3.3: HTML Basics: Make a pretty paragraph

Mini Challenge: #3.4: HTML Basics: Clearfix

Mini Challenge: #3.5: HTML Basics: Bullet Points

Mini Challenge: #3.6: HTML Basics: Numbered/Ordered List

Mini Challenge: #3.7: HTML Basics: Font/Text Colour

Mini Challenge: #3.8: HTML Basics: Colour using Hex Codes

Mini Challenge: #3.9: HTML Basics: Style Options

Mini Challenge: #3.10: Headers

Mini Challenge: #4.1: How to Embed a YouTube Video and Size it For Your Blog

Mini Challenge: #4.2: How to Embed a YouTube Video Side-By-Side

Mini Challenge: #5: Make Pages (AND HERE IT IS!)

Mini Challenge: #6: Pinterest to Promote Your Blog

Mini Challenge: #7: How to Build Readers for Your Blog By Commenting – PENDING

Mini Challenge: #8: Twitter and Your Blog – COMPLETED

Mini Challenge: #9: Five Ways to Make Your Reviews Stand Out (Linked to someone else’s review post of the same post.)

Mini Challenge: #10: Windows Live Writer – PENDING (Downloading program)

Mini Challenge: #11: Get Noticed By Search Engines – PENDING (Need to verify blog)

Mini Challenge: #12: Sidebar Help – COMPLETED

Mini Challenge: 13: Five Tips to Write Reviews Faster – PENDING

Mini Challenge: 14: Eight Ways to Freshen Up Your Content – PENDING

Mini Challenge 15: Mobilize! – N/A – I don’t own a smart phone device!

Mini Challenge 16: Social Media Icon Tutorial – COMPLETED

Mini Challenge 17: Plug-Ins for WordPress Sites – N/A: MADE FOR WORDPRESS.ORG ONLY

Mini Challenge 18: Goodreads Challenge – COMPLETED

Mini Challenge 19: What is Rafflecopter? (Giveaway is REAL) – COMPLETED

Mini Challenge 20: Blog Events and Challenges – COMPLETED

Mini Challenge 21: Policies – COMPLETED

Mini Challenge 22: Back Up Your Blog – COMPLETED

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