A New Blog! The Bibliotaphe Closet Is Closing and Moving to Zara’s Closet

Welcome to Zara’s Closet!

A Place Worth Rummaging Through

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By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

A closet is a wonderfully, small, enclosed space one can rummage through—or hide in. Now, what you find there, ranges in varying styles and tastes depending on which closet you happen to fall (or sneak) into.

The closet bears for us, a place to house our clothes, our bags, our shoes, our knick-knacks, our dirty laundry, even our metaphorical “skeletons” and secrets: perhaps old photographs, the ones which exist as hardcopy prints in black and white as old testimonies to an oral past told to us by our grandmothers, and those photos yellowing with age from the vintage 70’s in which our parents listened to the Bee Gee’s on an eight-track and snapped instant pictures with a Polaroid camera.

Closets are more than a highly acclaimed storage space, but can be a place of refuge in a game of Hide and Seek, a place of solace when tears require solace, or a place where men and women decide who they will be for the day by the clothes and shoes they wear—at least to the rest of the voyeuristic world.

As a seasoned blogger, I spent some time building a book blog called, The Bibliotaphe Closet, with the intent of encouraging literacy through the review of new books, the announcement of literary events, and the support of a vibrant, enthusiastic, reading community.

But, while my lifestyle has taken a passionate change to include a number of other interests on top of literature— it was suggested to me by a friend to perhaps begin a new blog that could showcase these new interests under one umbrella, rather than attempt to host multiple blogs at one time.

Good friends are worth listening to. And so here I am…opening another door to a new closet.  And I’m excited to share its contents with you!


What better way than to share some advice on my experience with young children when I have two youngin’s of my own? Anything from play dates, to crafts, to places that are not only kid-friendly, but kid-loved.


Or showcase the latest and greatest cosmetics that I come across when I’m craving for a new lipstick that we all know we don’t really need, but would be so disappointed to live without…right, ladies?


There are books, too, lining my staircase waiting to be read and reviewed; stories that not only speak to the intimacies of our own fears and challenges, but also speak to a larger consciousness in our society. I would love to talk about that with you.


And since I’m an avid Starbucks, coffeehouse rat, there are gift cards to hunt for and collect, as well as coffee-based drinks to taste and review for the masses. Maybe you’re obsessed with Starbucks like myself? Or maybe you’d much rather drink mud-water than buy from a trendy corporation that charges a buck per coffee bean…plus the namesake of your first-born child? (I’m kidding.)


While I confess I’m not a natural in the kitchen, I do need to eat and eat healthy—which means, like you, I’m always on the lookout for a great-tasting, uncomplicated, yet nutritious recipe to fill my tummy and impress my husband and kids—a recipe that potentially doesn’t blow my budget or take me 10 hours to make before I change my mind and run off to a fast-food restaurant just because I don’t have the time!


This goes hand-in-hand with living an active and healthy lifestyle. For those that don’t know, I weighed more than 200 lbs.  six months ago and have successfully shed the unwanted pounds in lieu of a lean, strong body through hard work, dedication, a balanced diet, and tons of exercise.

If you’ve ever struggled with poor body image or would like to shed a few pounds in order to get a little bit healthier—no matter what state your body is in now—I’m here for you as an advocate of fitness and healthy life choices. (I’m also here when you feel like eating everything in your kitchen, plus your neighbour’s kitchen—at 11:30 p.m.—because I, too, have been there!)


But, I’m not always at the gym either. I also like to spend time penning words to paper—literally—sending correspondence to penpals across the globe. If you like all-things paper and know what washi tape is (or would like to), there’s information on that here, too.

I’m also a writer. You can get all the juicy details about that on my bio page, but aside from hosting this blog, I’ve been known to publish a few pieces here and there, as well as pull all-nighters begging my muse to give me the right words (and stamina) to finish a chapter in a prose-fiction piece, or utter the eloquence and hidden metaphors bellied into a poem that I’m compelled to pluck onto paper.

If you’re a story writer or a poet, or simply love words and language, there will be a cranny of stories and poems for you to enjoy here while you visit.


Or perhaps you’re keen on keeping yourself well put-together? (Because, really, who doesn’t want to look good?) Or perhaps you are innately drawn to beautiful things and luxurious brands?

I love the art and style, clothing and accessories afford me in presenting myself to the world and I’m more than happy to share the latest trends (and the best deals) with friends!


If you’ve ever rummaged through a closet, it’s always a delight to discover something you never realized was there before. At Zara’s Closet, there’s going to be piles of things to look at, go through, and think about.

And because it’s an entirely new closet, it’s moving to an entirely new address, too!  Please come and follow me there as The Bibliotaphe Closet will soon become inactive.

And you’re welcome to stay as long as you like.

I have no qualms if you find something that interests you and by browsing, reading, and commenting, you get a little joy, too–or even a little help along the way.

This is, after all, my closet—but I promise my readers to always leave the door wide open.

Welcome—and come on in!



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