Crazy for CanLit 2014: If They Were Children’s Books


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis / @zara.tokiniha

If I was a kid, what would this year’s potential Giller Prize books look like? Based on the ones listed on the Crazy for CanLit Pinterest Board, these are what I would change the titles to if the books were for children—because I’m a kid like that. (You have my children to thank, for constantly coercing me to play Tag, Hide ‘n Seek, Rock, Paper & Scissors, and LEGO on a regular basis.)

Ready, kiddies? Let’s play!

ellen in LEGO pieces***

A is for andre alexis


what does pastoral mean


i don't know how to behave bc im just a kid***

the boy in spanish is el nino***

teddy bear***

fallsy downsies we all fall down***

all the broken things are my fault***

watch how we walk funny***

canadas wonderland***

juliet was a kinder surprise***

 answer to everything is aww do i have to***

tiny wife fits in my dollhouse***


walt disney***

How would you change some of the potential Giller Prize books’ titles if you were a kid?

Which is your favourite title change from the list I created above?


zara - tokidoki glow


One thought on “Crazy for CanLit 2014: If They Were Children’s Books”

  1. HA! My favorite: Juliet Was a Kinder Surprise, tee hee.

    Can’t wait for the longlist to be announced. Rooting for Sweetland by Michael Crummey and The World Before Us by Ainslinn Hunter. Cheers!

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