Top 10 Bookish Things (That Are Not Books) That I Want to Own


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

Those obsessed with books can’t help themselves, but to surround themselves with great titles by either browsing, buying, and collecting books themselves, and perhaps also sharing their passion about the written word in other things that they purchase—to either decorate their homes, add bookish flavour to necessities, or wear and/or use as personal book talismans.

Here’s my top 10 list of bookish things I’d love to own as a personal homage to the literary word:

1. Miniature Typewriter Necklace

typewriter necklace


I was absolutely thrilled to receive this typewriter necklace from my husband on Valentine’s Day—a perfect gift and talisman for writers and bookish types! Finally, a typewriter that isn’t too heavy to wear around your neck.

2. Literary Scarf

literary scarf


This literary scarf will “literally” keep you warm with its words printed on cotton. Why not wear the words you so love to read? I would love to own this bookish accessory—and it’s perfect for the arrival of spring.

3. Eat. Sleep. Read. Mug

eat sleep read mug


The next best thing to books (in my opinion) is coffee—and the mug it comes in. (I’m also an avid collector of mugs!) For the book lover, there’s isn’t a better mug than the one, which shares its favourite motto with the world: Eat. Sleep. Read.

4. Thesaurus Dinosaur T-Shirt


thesaurus t-shirt


I was introduced to a thesaurus when I was nine-years-old. It was instrumental in helping me find synonyms for the word, “nice,” which my grade five teacher forbade my class to use in our vocabulary.

Which is why I love that bookish people will understand the wit and fun of this Tee. Why keep a thesaurus in your backpack when you can wear one on your shirt? Roar!, says this bookish dinousaur!

5. Scrabble Pillow

scrabble pillow


Most book lovers are also Scrabble champions. These Scrabble- lettered pillows take the words, “comfort” and “relaxation” to a whole new level. I’d own a couple of these for extra points on the scoreboard.

6. Book Laptop Cover

book laptop cover


I love the idea of this laptop case, a perfect camouflage for the bookish person’s computer. It not only keeps your computer safe from common nicks and daily wear and tear, but keeps your electronic device fashionable and literary.

7. Dictionary Clutch

word clutch


This dictionary clutch is perfect for the wordy woman, a stylish accessory for the coins saved up to buy those highly anticipated books. At a loss of words? I am,since I’d welcome one of these in my purse any day.

8. Library Card Phone Case

library card phone case


For those familiar with the old library card, this phone case is a perfect homage to the past and connection to the present. It’s especially inspirational for those who plan to tell their friends (over the phone) about all the books they’ve read—and plan to read. Friends will certainly want to borrow this phone just for its looks—if not more books from their local library.

9. The LEGO Librarian

LEGO librarian


My son is mad about all-things-LEGO. His influence introduced me to the LEGO Librarian, whose coffee mug says it all. Shhh! When you don’t have the quiet time you need to read, you can certainly role play with your favourite LEGO Librarian mini-figure.

Here’s to creativity, building LEGO, and building up your own personal book collection!

10. Margaret Atwood Doll

Margaret Atwood doll


Move over, Barbie. For those of us who are literate, our favourite doll honours a literary Canadian icon: Margaret Atwood.

Feeling overwhelmed with your manuscript? Feeling frustrated with constantly receiving rejection letters? Is the book you’re waiting for not due to press until next year?

My advice to the bookish: Hug your Margaret Atwood doll. She’s sure to comfort you with her well-intended dystopian novels and volumes of award-winning poetry.


Do you find that your love of books has moved beyond books themselves onto book-themed products?

Do you own or would like to own any of the above items I featured on my blog today? Which one is your favourite?

Do you own something bookish (other than a book) that you absolutely love?

What do you love the most about being a book lover?


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