Happy 9th Birthday Bronx!


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

This post comes a little late today on account of a few things I had to do, which kept me away from my computer. And in the flurry of my focus on other things, I had forgotten it was my dog-nephew’s birthday. I’m not sure how else to refer to him since he’s my sister’s dog, (which would essentially make him my nephew, only in dog species!).

At first, I was skeptical about Bronx entering our family. I was, after all, at that time, fundamentally scared of dogs. And then I heard he was a Boston Terrier. All I heard was “terrier,” which almost paralyzed me.

And then I saw his picture as a pup.

bronx puppy
(c) Photo by Riza Garcia-Yarra. All rights reserved.



Oh dear. How could I not fall in love with that? Him? This dog who materialized from the desire of my sister and my brother-in-law long before they had plans of having any children?

He was bred from a line of champion show dogs, which by the way, if you met Bronx personally, you’d know you’re dealing with a champ both in health, demeanor, and temperament.

As a person who was essentially frightened of dogs, Bronx’s personality quickly put me at ease. He’s an extremely dignified and obedient animal, wonderfully social with both humans and other dogs.

He doesn’t bark incessantly like some young pups eager to please or get attention. He barks as necessary.

And he has this tendency to sit on your feet under the table, wanting to be close to you, a dog keen on human contact, but not coddling.

bronx - sitting on feet
(c) Photo by Riza Garcia-Yarra. All rights reserved.


While he’s restricted at home to only certain areas in the household, he’s a good sport about it, respecting his owners, respecting his boundaries without complaint.

And he’s a loving and protective companion for my nephew who is only two-years-old. Pretend to point a gun at my nephew or pretend to harm or attack him in any way, and Bronx will be there. And be there quickly and with force. His kindness will shift to fierce loyalty and protectiveness. And he’ll fight you–and win. When it comes to Bronx’s family, their well-being, and their safety, you can’t mess around.

bronx - ayas
(c) Photo by Riza Garcia-Yarra. All rights reserved.


Guard dog? It’s not a term for Bronx, it’s an instinctive predisposition. Strangers and delivery people, beware.

But, for those who know and love Bronx, you can count on his affection, his obedience, his close and loving contact.


Here’s a little about Bronx who turns 9 today:

Breed: Boston Terrier (heavyweight class)

Name: Bronx (after the dog in the Gargoyles cartoon)

Birthday: April 3, 2005

Personality Traits: Loves people and other dogs; tends to lie in front of people and when you trip over him, you are the one who gets hurt and he doesn’t budge; has a tendency to sit his butt on peoples feet; hates baths; infamous for his SBD farts, often mistaken for a warthog due to intermittent snorting sounds.

Favourite Toy: His 4′-long stuffed alligator

Favourite Treat: Loves mini carrots and apple slices

Favourite Trick: Sits and waits for treats and food until you give the “take” command; protects Elias when you pretend to point a gun at him.

My favourite memory with Bronx: Uncalled, he came over to me, gallantly trotting over, I patted his head and then  he plopped down with his butt on my feet, his back wedged between my calves. I said, “Bronx, you okay there?” He turned to look at me, then wedged himself even more between my calves. He and I stayed that way for a good 10 minutes until I had to gently shove him off since I needed a drink!

His Best Halloween Costume: Dressed up as Yoda.

His Most Endearing Feature (to Me): His flat nose and his big eyes. His face just makes me laugh. It’s got as much personality as he does!

Happy 9th Birthday, Bronx!

Translation: (Woof! Woof! Woof woof woof woof—woof, woof, woof-woof!)

(c) Photo by Riza Garcia-Yarra. All rights reserved.
(c) Photo by Riza Garcia-Yarra. All rights reserved.


zara cat stamp


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