Introducing Mr. Mugs


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

For you older bibliotaphes, you may remember the primary grade children’s book that was used in school in the early 1970’s called Mr. Mugs.

Mr. Mugs book cvr


I remember this book with tender nostalgia and affection. It was mandatory reading when I was in JK, SK, and Grade 1, and it taught me some basic words, as well as simple grammar.

Aside from that, I simply loved the dog. Mr. Mugs. He had no first name. There was a quiet reverence in the way students had to address him though he was such a jolly looking dog in the cartoon drawings.

And of course, he always seemed to get himself into trouble. That was always my favourite part of his stories. The mess he’d get himself into and yet the natural way he’s always find himself resolve those conflicts—and still be loved.

And as a child, I often imagined myself getting a dog just like Mr. Mugs, an energetic Bearded Collie.

Well, I grew up in a household who didn’t yet believe in adopting animals as pets. It just wasn’t part of our lifestyle.

And yet, after much consideration (and coercing of my deeply skeptical husband whose family never favoured dogs as pets in the family—they’re more bird and cat people), I was able to finally convince my husband that yes, a dog would be a wonderful addition to our family, not to mention a great companion for the kids growing up!


While we haven’t yet picked up our little guy from the breeder yet, it was literally love at first sight. Dog owners and pet owners alike can attest top this. That first look. You just know. You’ve chosen—or rather, the newest addition to your family actually chooses you.

Though he hasn’t yet come home, he’s more than happy (or maybe a little shy) to pose for the camera (look at that paw!):



And in honour of the original Mr. Mugs, we’ve decided (okay, well I decided) to keep the name. Now, I really have my very own Mr. Mugs!

For more information on the Bearded Collie (or Beardie) breed, you can visit here.


Are you a pet owner? What kind of pet do you have?

What’s the best thing you love about your pet or adopting a pet?

What’s your biggest challenge with owning a dog/pet?

Do you remember the children’s book, “Mr. Mugs?” What do you think of it?

What’s your favourite animal?


zara cat stamp


2 thoughts on “Introducing Mr. Mugs”

  1. awww he’s like a little stuffie!!!! i have a bearded dragon – not quite as fluffy! 😉 you will have a good family, mr. mugs!

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