Stuffing the Bibliotaphe Closet


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

For those of you who have stayed with me during the past two years in readership most probably know that I’m somewhat of an obsessive-compulsive person. My nature resists a common, middle-ground pretty much in everything. All or nothing, has been my personal motto for a long time. But, it isn’t intentional.

My husband even tries hard to deter me from holding such an attitude, to rather take things in slow consideration, to deliberate, and lead a more balanced lifestyle. Of course, he’s right.

But, once a blitz is over for me—a frustrated and affectionate term my husband has coined for my madness—a blitz being a heightened phase of interest for one particular thing in which I am compelled to think, buy, and collect in abundance until either my resources or my interest runs out—I’m naturally onto another thing.

Am I fickle? No. I’m dedicated—to one thing at a time.

Just yesterday the birth of a new blitz compelled me to consider the colour—now my favourite colour—blush cream pink—a muted colour. Very pretty and perfect for spring.

It started with an Alfred Sung blush cream pink cardigan. Then a floral printed skirt (that I’ve converted into a strapless top), which then propelled me to buy two Steve Madden purses, a clutch, a wallet, a coin purse, Guess heels, an eternity scarf, pearl earrings, a floral notebook from Indigo, and some nail polish.

blush cream pink


My relationship with anything and everything blush cream pink will end eventually. Perhaps when summer hits. For now, it’s my go-to spring colour.

But, when it comes to a consistent, passionate love, and stuffing my closet, in particular, my bibliotaphe closet—I can’t get enough of books.

Here is this week’s haul:

Books for Review:

A special thanks to Random House of Canada for providing me with the following book for review:

Falling Out of Time by David Grossman

falling out of time


A special thanks to Simon and Schuster Canada for providing me with the following book for review:

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

all the light we cannot see


Books I Bought:

The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory

the other queen


Books I Won:

A special thanks to Scholastic Canada for sending me the following Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) as a prize on Twitter!

Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott



Are you an obsessive-compulsive person?

Do you go through something similar as what I refer to as a “blitz?” What of?

How have you stocked up your bookshelves of books this week?

Of the above titles, which ones are you most interested in reading?


zara cat stamp


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