Top 10 Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

1.  The act of reading itself.

While the daily routine of my life has a number of things I must consider and complete, reading is and has been a constant source of comfort and solace. To escape into a fictional world through language and one’s imagination through the act of reading is an empowering privilege.

The Little Book Club: My children reading. (c) Photo by Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez. All rights reserved.
The Little Book Club: My children reading. (c) Photo by Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez. All rights reserved.


2.  The opportunity to share and showcase my personal thoughts and responses to what I read—and perhaps influence the reading community.

The genesis of my blogging began with a collection of journal entries I had originally written and kept for myself. Now, more than 535 posts later, my reviews have a home and an audience for those most interested in literature.

3. To actively advocate the gift of literacy.

The joy and freedom I have enjoyed in my own reading is something I am very passionate about sharing with others. Literacy is not only a gift and a privilege, but what I believe to be an essential stepping stone in education and living a richer and fuller life.

4.  The ability to self-publish.

As a creative writer, I’ve always been pleased to see my work in print. To be able to self-publish is another avenue in which I can enjoy sharing my work with others—even if it takes the form of personal interest stories and book reviews.

5. To have autonomy over my own blog and writing space online.

To create and own a small space online dedicated to the act of reading, writing, and communicating with a community who loves books is not only enjoyable, but empowering.

6. The opportunity to chat with, interview, or meet authors about their work.

To connect with those who are responsible for the work that I love is an absolute privilege.

7. To be a part of the larger reading and writing community.

There is comfort and camaraderie in meeting others who share my love of reading, writing, and book blogging especially since reading is such an introverted act.

8. To be an active part of the publishing community in marketing great books.

 To be associated with publishing houses that help create and share literature with the world is also a privilege and gives me a greater sense of community.

9. The privilege of receiving free galleys, ARCs, or books on a periodical basis.

As a book lover, who doesn’t love receiving free books from time to time in exchange for honest reviews?

10. Taking pride in nurturing a growing, personal book collection.

So far, I have 12 large bookcases and a number of books scattered around my house in happy piles. Book blogging not only motivates me to read more, but to add more books to my ever-growing, personal collection.


Are you a book blogger? If so, what do you love most about it?

If not, have you ever considered being a book blogger or blogging about something else entirely?

If you have a blog or are thinking about starting one, what is it about?


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