Writing on Wednesday: #TwitterLoveStory


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

Yesterday, the publisher Penguin Teen hosted a writing challenge on Twitter and invited tweeters to write a love story up to 140 characters including the hashtag #TwitterLoveStory in celebration of Valentine’s Day, which is coming up in only two days.

And as motivation, Penguin Teen lured tweeters to showcase their creative writing skills in exchange for a chance at winning not one book, but a package of 10!

So, of course, bibliotaphes and writers like myself jumped up to the challenge. Here are some of the Twitter Love Stories I submitted:

book heart


Penguin Teen hasn’t yet announced a winner for the Twitter Love Story contest, but I’m crossing my cupid’s bow at a chance for the big prize.

(If I do lose, however, at least I have chocolate.)

Be sure to come back and find out who won for best #TwitterLoveStory!

Until then, keep reading, writing—and loving.


What’s your best Twitter Love Story in 140 characters?

What’s the most you’ve done out of love?


zara cat stamp


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