Simon & Schuster Canada: 5 Ways to Stay Warm for Winter Contest Giveaway

winter contest banner

Simon & Schuster Canada: 5 Ways to Stay Warm for Winter Contest Giveaway


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

It’s now the third week of January and almost an official month of winter. And what a winter we’ve had. What with the ice storm, the Polar Vortex, and temperatures going as low as minus 40 degrees, it’s no wonder some of us have almost had enough of winter and are impatient for spring to shoot up and show us a little love.

But, winter is not only a great time for hibernation,—but hibernation with a good book. My friends at Simon & Schuster Canada, the smart people that they are, also agree with me, which is why they’ve not only decided one book is good enough to read during these winter blues and crazy, cold temperatures, but a few!

Are you going through the winter blahs? Yeah, me, too. But, the Simon & Schuster Canada: 5 Ways to Stay Warm for Winter Contest Giveaway certainly convinced me to take off my mittens and rub my hands together in anticipation of winning this generous and thoughtful giveaway.

This exclusive winter kit will contain all the fun and fantastic books pictured below, as well as oodles of goodies to keep you toasty and warm during the frigid winter months. (I’ll be honest though. I don’t really want you to win—ha—because I want to, too! But, heck, if at least one of my faithful readers wins, then I can at least take a little credit for sharing some bookish love in the world—especially since it’s so damn cold outside.)

Look at all these books! Don’t they just make you feel “all warm and cozy” inside already?

winter contest set 1

winter contest set 2

winter contest set 3


And these books aren’t the only things you could win in the package!


Are you ready to melt and find out what else you can get?!?

(I’m so excited, I’m so giddy.)

enter to win


A special thanks to Anneliese at Simon & Schuster Canada for providing me with the opportunity to share this giveaway with you.


Good luck!


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