15-Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 6

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15-Day Book Blogger Challenge:

Day 6


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis



How I Shop for Books

The word, “bibliotaphe,” means book hoarder.

I am one.

I see a book, and even though I already own more than 2000 in my collection, if it’s a book I’m interested in reading, then I’m compelled to buy it. It’s a very expensive disease.

How do I personally shop for books?

Well, based on recommendations from the reading and publishing community, I usually keep a keen eye on new titles, check their book summaries online, make a list of favourites, and then go hunting,

I usually dedicate an afternoon to perusing my favourite bookshop and aside from my “To Buy” list, I usually end up finding a great, older title that I wasn’t expecting. This is especially true when I visit my favourite used bookstore.

Depending on my book budget and the last time I actually went book shopping, I’ll mentally calculate the consequences I might have to face when my husband sees the amount of books I want to buy if I actually buy them, and also how many I can actually carry them out of the store without causing injury to myself.

I tend to gravitate towards literary fiction and poetry, but young adult paranormal fiction also finds itself in my book bag as well.

How do I decide which books to buy? Here’s the mental list I carry with them while browsing a book shop:

  • Did the cover and its cover design originally draw me in when I first looked at the book?
  • Who is the book’s publisher? Am I familiar with the publisher?
  • Have I read another book by the same author and enjoyed it?
  • After I’ve read the synopsis on the back and on the flap jacket, am I still intrigued?
  • After I randomly choose a page in the book and read a few lines, is the writing style something I would enjoy reading?
  • Is the copy in the trade paperback format?
  • How affordable is the book?
  • Do I already own a copy of this book in another edition?

These are some of the things I consider before purchasing a novel.


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How do you shop for your books?


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