15-Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 4

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15-Day Book Blogger Challenge:

Day 4


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis



I am a passionate person and I’m extremely passionate about books. I’m not quite sure which is worst for me: the book that is marginally okay or the book that is absolutely detestable.

While I don’t often fling books across the room because I care too much about them—and I absolutely HATE it when my books get wrinkled, torn, stained, or even slightly damaged—I have raged against a couple of books for being written so uninterestingly.

The last book that I flung across the room (because I agreed to review it, but actually had an extremely hard time getting through it because I was simply bored) was…

the neruda case


Sorry. I did throw it across the room. But, my faithful readers, try not to weep too hard. The book was only an ARC (thank goodness!).


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What book(s) have you flung across the room in a rage?


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