15-Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1

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15-Day Book Blogger Challenge:

Day 1


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

I subscribe to a number of book blogs that I enjoy reading and connect with book bloggers that motivate me to read, write, and also maintain writing for my own blog. Yesterday, I received my regular mail from The Passionate Bookworm and I discovered through her participation, the 15-Day Book Blogger Challenge! Here’s what the 15 days will look like:


And so it seems a great way to start this challenge is to confess—lay down the burden of my secret book-related sins. I can do that. Here we go…

My 15 Book-Related Confessions:

1. I actually prefer books in the trade paperback format, rather than hardcover—and I absolutely can’t stand mass paperback editions!

2. When I was in Grade One, teachers placed me in a special phonetics class on account that they thought I had difficulty learning how to read, write, and use proper grammar.

3. When I was teased in school for not being able to “speak English properly,” I vowed to myself that I would excel in English and one day become a writer and editor—and now I am one.

4. I didn’t own a lot of books when I was a child so I used to sneak reading comics in the Toronto Sun and Toronto Star after my parents threw the newspapers away.

5. I signed up for my first library card with my Dad when I was eight-years-old from The Chinguacousy Public Library, which opened up a new world of books to me. It was the most valuable thing in my wallet.

6. I rallied against my school librarian about students not being able to read young adult romance novels because I had read inside the cover that the books could be read by children ages 8 and up. Since then, novels such as “P.S. I Love You” were allowed to be read by my grade level and beyond.

7. I once lied to my teacher about wanting to do research in the library since I finished all my homework before the rest of my class. Because I was a straight-A student, my teacher allowed me to go without any supervision. Instead of going to the library, I left school property, went to a creek close by, and read poetry under my favourite tree.

8. Please, please, please—don’t EVER bend a page in a new book with dog ears instead of using a bookmark. It really BOTHERS me, especially if it’s a book that I own.

9. I can’t stand it when someone tells me they didn’t bother finishing a book because they didn’t like it. That’s like saying to someone, “I hate your guts,” after only one conversation. I think every book is worth reading until the end before its given a critique. Perspective can change throughout a reading and a reader won’t know the full potential of a story if he/she hasn’t read a book in its entirety.

10. I used to practice my signature and fantasize that one day I would be signing books at my own book-signing.

11. I restricted myself to only date writers, editors, and English Lit. majors while I was in university.

12. While the above is true, I was secretly in love with Michael Ondaatje, where no man I was dating at that time could compare!

13. Sometimes I get stuck on the proper spelling of the word, “rhythm.” I know, just shoot me.

14. I enjoy collecting bookmarks and old photographs that I find in old books that I buy. I always wonder who has and how many has read the book before it has come into my hands.

15. I don’t like reading unless I’m wearing my gold and silver rings. Weird? Yes. True? Very.


To see the rest of the 15-Day Book Blogger Daily Challenges, you can visit here.

What are your bookish confessions?


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