Michael’s 9th Birthday LEGO Party Ideas

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Michael’s 9th Birthday LEGO Party Ideas


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

While my son’s actual birthday lands on Canada Day, we thought it best to throw him a party the following weekend and celebrated by hosting a theme to reflect his favourite and current obsession—LEGO—and in particular, LEGO mini-figures and their Superhero sets!

And so, it was with some planning, patience, and a few supplies that I was able to create some decorative ideas, games, and desserts that incorporated the popular LEGO brand:

1. LEGO Board

An effective way of decorating your home to match your birthday theme is to cover what’s already hanging on your walls. In this case, I covered my black-and-white painting with blue wrapping paper that I designed to look like a large LEGO piece. I simply traced large circles on the wrapping paper, marked them with the words LEGO, and taped the piece to the painting that was already hanging on the wall.

LEGO board


2. LEGO Mini-Figure Hanging Décor

I drew simple-shaped LEGO mini-figure heads out of yellow construction paper, drew the faces with black marker, and hung them from the ceiling with wrapping ribbon.

LEGO hanging decor


3. LEGO Brick Road

My attempt at some wit helped me to create the “LEGO brick road” as inspired by the famous “yellow brick road” from The Wizard of Oz. I printed a Batman LEGO colouring page from online, coloured it, and created a comic bubble inviting guests to follow the LEGO Brick Road to Michael’s birthday party. I also cut different coloured pieces of construction paper, made them into LEGO pieces, and taped them down on the ground that led to the front door, and continued its path inside the house, and out again into the backyard.

LEGO batman sign


LEGO brick road


4. LEGO Letters

To honour the celebrant, I used double-sided tape to mount LEGO pieces that I shaped into Michael’s name onto a white erase board. Then I surrounded it with clear glass, block vases filled with the same-coloured LEGO pieces.

LEGO Michael letters


5. LEGO Plates, Cups, and Cutlery

To save on costs, I encouraged guests to re-use their drinking cups for the party by labelling each cup with each guest’s name. I used tablecloths, plates, cups, and cutlery, and coloured sticker dots that matched the colour theme of the celebration: red, blue, yellow, and green.

LEGO cups


6. LEGO Loot Bags

I printed a LEGO piece graphic on labels, coloured them in a variety of colours, and stuck them on paper bags, and then punched holes at the top of the bags and the name tags, and tied them with red wrapping ribbon to create a simple, but fun LEGO loot bag. The children were happy to receive their very own LEGO mini-figure inside!

LEGO loot bags


7. Large LEGO Blocks

To create large, decorative LEGO blocks, I wrapped wooden boxes (but, you can use tissue boxes, foam blocks, or anything shaped like LEGO) with coloured wrapping paper, painted candles with acrylic paint, and then glued them on the boxes using industrial glue. They’re a nice touch to the party’s décor, the most fun to make, and can be used as toys for the celebrant after the party. Michael kept his and uses them to decorate his room!

LEGO block piece


LEGO block piece2


LEGO block piece3


8. LEGO Mini-Figure Man

To make a LEGO Mini-Figure Man as the decorative centre-piece, I used what I had on hand. For the bottom of the LEGO mini-figure man’s body, I used an old, red milk crate and taped the printed LEGO logo on the front. For the upper part of his body, I used a red bin that you can buy at any dollar store. For his head, I painted a large Coffeemate tin yellow and painted his eyes and mouth black. For the top of his head, I covered a can of tuna with yellow foam. And for his arms, I stuffed an old pair of white stockings with fibre batting and pinned on some yellow foam for his hands. Et voila! The LEGO Mini-Figure Man was able to attend Michael’s birthday party, too!

LEGO Mini-Figure Man1


LEGO mini-figure man2


9. LEGO Games

A spin-off the traditional, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game, I created the “Stick the Dot on the LEGO Block!” I drew LEGO blocks on Bristol board and gave the children different coloured sticker dots to stick on the board. The trick is, after being spun around a few times, they had to place the sticker exactly inside the dots.

LEGO game1


LEGO game2


10. LEGO Block Cake

For a little extra cake, I baked a simple vanilla cake in a block pan, levelled it off with a cake leveler, and coated it icing that I dyed with gel food colouring. Then I cut a few large marshmallows in half, iced them, and placed them on top of the cake to mimic a LEGO block. Easy-peasy! (And yummy, too.)

LEGO block cake


Needless to say, Michael’s LEGO birthday party was a hit!


Happy belated 9th Birthday, to my little man!

Michael - birthday boy


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