Nail Polish Lottery Club: Week 22

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Nail Polish Lottery Club:

Week 22


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

The Nail Polish Lottery Club creates a fun way in which to go through your unused/untried nail polish by selecting a random number each week on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. Based on members’ spreadsheet/database lists, whatever number corresponds on the list with the random number chosen, is the colour to try, wear, and post or v-blog about!

Would you like to join the club? Are you a nail polish hoarder? A secret nail painter? Do those colourful bottles just take your breath (and your budget) away every time you visit the beauty section of a store? Or would you like to just paint your nails from time to time and aren’t sure which polish to choose? Then this place is for you! (And Lindsay…and me…and oh, I don’t know how many others!).

For more details, check out the Nail Polish Lottery Guidelines here.


This week’s random number is 206.

If you don’t have that many polishes use 2+0+6=8. Or some of you might prefer 20+6=26. Your pick!

I chose 26.

After mixing it up a bit, number 26 on my nail polish spreadsheet is:

China Glaze #987


china glaze - crimson


nails - china glaze - crimson


nails - china glaze - crimson2


I trust the China Glaze line enough to buy at least 20 bottles for my collection.

As usual, the colour Crimson didn’t disappoint. It’s a deeply dark purple that with only two coats comes out as a dark espresso and an almost black tone. While it isn’t as harsh as a pure black tint, it’s dark enough to get noticed, bit not to be mistaken for the style of goth.

I was a little messy in my application, which I think made the polish bleed more than usual, which isn’t what I find typical with the China Glaze brand. It’s a smooth, clean, opaque polish, perfect for wear in the fall or winter. (Or at least for my skin tone, anytime of the year!) And it’s clean enough to do without top coat, but if you want extra shine, you’re more than welcome to add a top coat of your choice.

And, just because I love nails, don’t think I’ve forgotten about my other love — books!

To integrate both loves, I’ve decided to also include with my nail lottery posts, a book cover(s) that I own in my library that I think complements or can be said to inspire the nail polish colour of choice or its art.


nails - immortal rules


This week’s nail polish match is China Glaze Crimson with the tear on The Immortal Rules cover by Julie Kagawa.


What’s the darkest colour you’re willing to wear on your nails?

What nail polish are you wearing this week?


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2 thoughts on “Nail Polish Lottery Club: Week 22”

  1. I love the color you have this week. It is beautiful. Hope you wore it for many, many days 🙂 Dark colors are beautiful, and I would wear as dark as it gets haha!

    1. Thanks for creating and hosting a great nail polish club! The group motivates me to keep painting my nails (not that I need much motivation since it’s an on-going obsession!). I love dark colours, but I’m going to do my very best to try some lighter ones this summer. Thanks as always, Diana. 😀

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