Who M.A.C.’d Herself Out? I Did.

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Who M.A.C.’d Herself Out? I Did.


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

In my house, Saturdays are usually low-key. They’re the days that take us all a little longer to get out bed, sip back some coffee, and put our feet up reading the morning paper while the kids watch Saturday morning cartoons.

But, not this morning.

This morning, I was up at 6:00 a.m., sipping my coffee with proficiency, watching my clock, anticipating the day’s upcoming events.

My sister had somehow scored exclusive Estee Lauder/M.A.C. event tickets (which, by the way are gold) and offered to take me. ‘Lil, makeup-obsessed me. Of course, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to attend. I had attended last year’s event with a friend and if this year’s sale was anything like last year’s madness, then…ch-ching…there goes another makeup splurge!

So, back to this year. Today. Lineups. Frenzy.

The women that attend such events don’t necessarily go for the great deals (though, it’s a large factor)—we make-up, beauty hounds wake up literally at dawn, dress ourselves, drive out to the east end, and lineup from one building to the next to enter at a chance at participating in the event.

We participate. We don’t just browse idly with no hope of buying anything. No, we—these women with purple-hole-stamped tickets, purchased or specifically distributed by corporate kindness in the name of lucky perks—are on a serious mission:

  • We chat it up with like-minded women in the lineup that’s as long as those comparable to Canada’s Wonderland or York University.
  • We plan our shopping strategies in our heads before entering the premises.
  • We have already mentally memorized our personal product lists.
  • We urge ourselves to stay within budget, but inevitably fail at the sight of the actual products lining the tables that we feel we must get.
  • We crane our necks to sniff out quality, colour, and cost.
  • We dab our fingers, swatch our wrists, jot down codes, and hope by the time that we reach a table, the product we want isn’t sold out.
  • We encourage our friends as they, too, frantically scan the samples.
  • We create meeting places in case we lose, such friends, in the chaos.
  • We discourage our friends from spending too much money—but they spend it anyway—and so, we follow suit.
  • We even accidentally shove others in order to get the first peek at beauty goods in the name of “survival of the cattiest.”
  • We get giddy. We squeal.
  • And we don’t—I repeat—don’t tell our husbands what we bought.

What goes on at an Estee Lauder/M.A.C. Event stays at an Estee Lauder/M.A.C. Event.

It’s our beauty code. And we’re mindful enough that even though we’re competing against each other in haggling for the best deals and the most products, we respect, and even applaud each other’s efforts in stashing away some really great finds.

My sister and I arrived onsite at 9:30 a.m. and there was a line-up outside the building from one building to the next. We laughed with other women in line about the audacity of such a line, but knew very well, we were all in essence, the very same people to blame.

The lineup to the entrance. (c) Photo by Riza Garcia-Yarra. All rights reserved.
The lineup to the entrance. (c) Photo by Riza Garcia-Yarra. All rights reserved.


While the line slowly moved, we remained tenacious in our mission of the day:

Get as much as you can for the best deals you can!

(Well, maybe that was everyone else. I pretty much wanted to stay in budget and find a couple great lipsticks.)

So, while we waited, my sister and I  discovered our aunt’s Doppelganger, gossiped about the latest news in our family, and promised to not lose each other in the fray.

Surprisingly, it was my sister who went nuts. And I mean BALLISTIC.

She kept saying to me, “I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I don’t plan on getting a lot.”

riz mac


My sister trying to convince me she isn’t going to spend a lot of money at this event! HAH!


Yeah, right, sister! She literally ran from table to table, happily hunting, marking her territory. Her bag was already full and we didn’t even hit the second building.

Me? My bag was empty. I’m a conservative. I like to look at the whole merchandise. Scope out what’s available. Calculate in my mind what’s really worth getting. Because you know… with more than:

  • 200 bottles of nail polish
  • three dressers of makeup
  • three cupboards of lotions
  • and a box full of perfumes

…there isn’t a whole lot that I need.

Nevertheless, I tamed myself back this year and stuck to my guns. And unfortunately, I was really disappointed in their lipstick selection. There were only two measly tables of a few lipsticks and 85% lip gloss. I’m a lipstick lady. See a lipstick, buy a lipstick. My lips speak volumes. They pout, they smile, they eat, and they need a good moisturizer, SPF, and lip colour that kills!

But, not this year. I’d have more luck at an actual M.A.C. store, which would be triple the price and quadruple the snobbishness. Oh well. There’s always next year.

Here are the goodies I came away with from the highly esteemed and exclusive Estee Lauder/M.A.C. Event:

M.A.C Julie Verhoeven set


M.A.C. Julie Verhoeven makeup set


MAC Julie Verhoevern set2


M.A.C. Lip Bag by Julie Verhoeven

1 M.A.C. Dazzleglass Crème lip gloss: Natural Talent

1 M.A.C. Cremestick Liner: Sublime Culture

1 M.A.C. Cremestick Lipstick: Cremesheen Nude

Retail: $70.00 USD


MAC eyeshadow


M.A.C. Pro Longwear Eye Shadow: Always Sunny

Retail Price: $21.00 USD


coach poppy box


coach poppy set


Coach Poppy Flower Eau de Parfum Spray

Coach Poppy Flower  Body Lotion

Retail: $123.00 USD


coach poppy eau de parfum


Coach Poppy Flower Eau de Parfum


coach poppy lotion


Coach Poppy Flower Lotion


Not a lot right? See? I behaved. (A little.)

Have you ever been to a M.A.C. special event before?

What’s your favourite M.A.C. product?


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