What’s in Your Pocket?: Scavenge #2

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What’s in your Pocket?

Scavenge #2


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

If you weren’t following me yesterday, you might not know that I’m a scavenger. I like to take everyday things that others may overlook and discard and turn them into something else for good use. My scavenging motto: “Why waste if you can paste?” And it’s a creative, almost therapeutic endeavour. (What kind of therapy I’m in need of is…well…bibliotrophic!) <— I’ll even scavenge letters to create new, non-existent words! That’s how “scavenge-obsessed” I am.

For example (and it’s a serious one), I cut the decorated cardboard remnants of empty tissue boxes and make them into bookmarks. Uh-huh. Beat that, Scavenger!

I’ll see a bottle cap and in my scavenging madness, will begin to collect caps of each beer brand known to man (my husband doesn’t drink, so you can see how difficult this little project can be).

Used postage stamps become an art collage.

My children’s used clothes get passed onto their favourite dolls.

Yes—my scavenging goes way beyond the realm of Penguin Books Canada’s Pocket Scavenger Contest. (Why I don’t already own their awesome journal is beyond me.)

So, here’s Penguin’s scavenge find today:


Currency? I’ll match Penguin’s five dollars to my measly find of two nickels! (Mind you, I was an English Major—not a mathematician.)



In an age where debit transactions are the way to pay, I was still able to scrounge around and find these precious coins…

Hello, my two nickels!


But, with a few paperclips, I’ve changed this change into…

nickel earrings1


nickel earrings2


(Non)-Nickel-Free Earrings!


And it only cost me 10 cents (and five minutes)!


You just never know what’s in your pocket…

What did you scavenge today?

Happy hunting, kids!


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