I’m Officially a HarperCollins Canada Fan!—And Why Mugs Matter

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I’m Officially a HarperCollins Canada Fan!—

And Why Mugs Matter


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

HarperCollins Canada is one the leading and largest book publishers in Canada, so of course, I’ve been following them on all my social media accounts including Twitter and Facebook. (And yes, I do read their books!)

How timely it is that they kindly ran a contest for their Facebook fans a few days ago in tradition of sending out their HCC coffee mugs. Two years ago, they sent over 1000 mugs—and this year, they’re sending out 50 new mugs to 50 lucky fans.

What did we fanatical fans have to do to enter? Simple: email HCC and tell them why we love their Facebook page!

and will happily attend book events to meet authors and other “bookish” people.


Aside from loving and collecting books, I also happen to be MAD about mugs. I’m not kidding. My husband is actually quite annoyed with my mug fetish and complains any time and every time I pick up a mug to look at it at a store,

We don’t have room for any more of your mugs. You already have too many. That’s enough!

And I have to do everything I can in my willpower to. Put. That. Mug. Down. And walk away. (Whew!)

If you don’t believe me, here are but a few of my favourite mugs in my collection:

This is the coffee mug I drank out of while I studied Creative Writing and English Literature at York University.

mug - york university


These are my Chinese mugs, the ones I use when I seep and drink my green tea.


mug - tea mugs


This is my “Cha cha cha” mug, which has those words inscribed inside it. Fitting since my nickname is Chacha.

mug - cha cha cha


mug - cha cha cha internal


This is my Z monogram mug from Indigo. You know…so people are clear that my name isn’t Sara.

mug - z


This is my peacock mug. This is the only mug I use to drink my tea.

mug - peacock


If you don’t know the logos of these mugs, well…let’s just say you aren’t addicted to coffee like I am (notice I own two).

mugs - starbucks


This is my mug for The Bibliotaphe Closet. The one I use to diffuse stress while posting articles on my book blog.

mug - zara alexis


This is my HUGE coffee mug—which, after realizing I’m never able to finish coffee this size, it now holds my pencils.

mug - mug of coffee


This is my Penguin Books mug. I use this mug when I read Penguin Classics.

mug - penguin


These are two of my favourite coffee mugs from two of my favourite book publishers: McClelland & Stewart and Random House of Canada. I especially drink from these mugs when I read poetry.

mugs - random house


And now, I’m ecstatic to discover the news that I’m one of the 50 lucky winners of the HarperCollins Canada Facebook Fan Contest!

And in a few weeks, I’ll be receiving one of these!! YESSSSSS!!!!!

mug - hcc


(Now, if I could only add a Simon & Schuster mug, a Goose Lane Editions mug, and a Constable & Robinson mug to my collection—the publishers I also review for…)


Do you have a special mug you drink from when reading a great book?


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