The Three “R’s” of This Bibliotaphe

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The Three “R’s” of This Bibliotaphe


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

I’ve been extremely busy as of late and rightly so. It seems, too, it’s primarily because I’ve been engulfed in what occurred to me as my personal “three R’s,” things that I’m not only currently working on now, but favourite things I love and feel compelled to do.

While the environment has its own set of “three R’s” found in Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle—I have my own set of “three R’s,” which has consumed me to the point of being unable to post for my book blog on a daily basis!

The Three R’s of This Bibliotaphe

1. Renovate one of the rooms in my house into a Reading Room.

There are enough “R’s” in that one sentence to exhaust and exhilarate me. Since my two young children are always spending time together, playing and making a mess, I decided to move my daughter into my son’s room. Now, they share a space, toys, books, television, and a bunk bed—which leaves me with an entire room to work with and allocate as my reading sanctuary.

Many times I have repeatedly said, “Quiet please, Mommy’s just trying to read a bit.”

Now, I  no longer have to say that. I can go into my Reading Room with a hot cup of coffee or tea, shut the door, put my feet up, and turn a page without interruption.

My husband likes my room so much, I’ve caught him sneaking in there to browse through my books trying to decide which one to read next. My son likes going into the room to read comics while I’m not there.  My daughter knows that when that door is shut and Mommy is inside, she has to stay with Daddy for at least a half-an-hour before knocking on the door to ask for me.

Ah…the bliss of a reading room all to myself! But, I’m not that greedy! Because I love encouraging literacy in my family, I encourage everyone to use the room along with me. With exception to one rule: The Reading Room is reserved for reading.

My children can run around and play in the backyard. My husband can watch baseball in the living room. My son can play video games in the office. But the Reading Room is reserved for reading. (Or writing.) Period.

It’s still a work in progress, but here’s what my Reading Room looks like so far:

reading room 1


reading room2


reading room3


reading room4


reading room5


reading room6


I have a reading chair in the corner by the window, am on the lookout for a nice rug, and have yet to hang up a painting on another wall. I have a few pillows I still need to launder and books to finish reading so that I can add them to the room’s new bookshelf. Aside from that, this bibliotaphe’s Reading Room is almost done!

2. Reading.

My reading lists continue to grow, as do my book piles. Rather than talk about books all day, I really need to catch up on my reading. I hope the implementation of my new Reading Room helps. (I really wish I could stop time to afford myself the time to simply do nothing, but read, read, and read.)

Here’s a new pile of books that await me:

reading room7


3. Writing Reviews.

It seems my commitment to write thoughtful reviews has left me more thoughtful (as in pensive), rather than productive. It’s taking me a lot longer to get through books and reviews lately. The bustle and busyness and unexpected, unfortunate events, which have taken place in my life in the last three months have really backlogged my reading and writing. But, I am writing… Look for my review on Mount Pleasant by Don Gillmor soon!

reading room8


That’s it. My three R’s: Renovate, Read, Review.


Do you have a Reading Room or a special place where you enjoy reading?

How do decide which book to read or review next?

How do you keep on top of all your reading?

What do you plan on reading for the long weekend?


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One thought on “The Three “R’s” of This Bibliotaphe”

  1. What a lovely room! No wonder you’re not posting to the blog as often! I have plans to convert one of the kids’ bedrooms to a reading room, too, but haven’t even started and she graduated from college a couple of years ago and has been living out of state since then!

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