Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Cousin Shakespeare, ‘Tis Thou 449th Year To Date! Sirrah, Bloweth Thy Candlewick and Pen Thy Verse!

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Cousin Shakespeare, ‘Tis Thou 449th Year To Date!

Sirrah, Blweth Thy Candlewick and Pen Thy Verse!


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis



A Verse for Shakespeare

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

Billy, Billy—thou art thee Bard of Avon,

Thee poet and playwright of sonnets 154 and plays 38,

How must we epitomize thee,


Sirrah William Shakespeare-the-Great?


Neither am I, Mistress Anne Hathaway,

nor Susanna, nor thou twins.

Nor part of The Lord Chamberlain’s Men,

nor as rich as Lear, thou King.


Son of alderman, third child of eight.

Son of a farmer’s daughter,

Grammar school curricula,

Latin text of late.


Thou shooketh the scene with thou

“Shakes”peare wit,

thy Royal Patent,

that new King James I



Thou built a theatre by River Thames,

Christened it the Globe,

Oblivious to fame.


But wealth brought you goods,

In Stratford, thy New Place;

Parish tithes, an albatross dwelling,

Quarto editions—a famous face.


Between London and Stratford

and St. Helen’s Bishopsgate,

Thou moved cross river,

to Southwerk, passed

St. Paul’s Cathedral gate.


O, Cousin! O, Cousin!

In the chancel of

Holy Trinity Church;

Thy curse of moving

bones from thy grave

dost fears us so.

Spare us the tragedy

of  letting go.


Thy plays and sonnets,

iconic as thou.

Worshipped and studied,

manifestos somehow.


But, ’tis your day,

your 449th year.

Thy verses and plays

still quiver our tears.


Go forth and go well,

in the light of thou pen.

Bloweth thy candlewick,

Beloved poet of men.


Happy birthday, Cousin Shakespeare,

Three cheers for thou, Sirrah!

From this small, humble bibliotaphe,

Of word, of verse, of bookish guffaw.


What is your favourite Shakespearean play and/or poem?


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