Happy Birthday to My Dad! 04.05.2013

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Happy Birthday to My Dad!


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

I’ve always had a close relationship with my father and I’ll be the first to admit when I was young I happily took on the role of Daddy’s Little Girl. There was no choice, really. I was the first-born, the eldest—a gregarious and precocious daughter, not a son.

And while my sister clung to my mother’s legs like a koala to a tree trunk, I was a rambunctious little girl who spoke her mind, openly, loudly, and most often times, without self-edit—much like my father.

To celebrate and commemorate my father’s birthday today, here are some of my favourite memories I have of me and my Dad:

My Dad strumming his guitar while sitting on the floor and encouraging me to sing along with him, the song, Yesterday, by The Beatles, when I was four-years-old.

My Dad sitting me at the dinner table and teaching me how to write the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase letters, of which I now owe my penmanship.

My Dad holding the back of my bike seat while I was learning how to ride a bike for the very first time.

My Dad holding my hand in the operating room when I was a child and I had to get stitches on my forehead and he said, “Just squeeze my hand when it hurts, okay.”

My Dad punching a guy out at a party because he said that I was ugly!

My Dad buying me and my sister a Strawberry Shortcake record player from Consumers Distributing. My mother argued that we couldn’t afford it, but my Dad argued back that we still deserved to get something because “it’s for us and [we’re] still kids.”

My Dad being firm with the man from a collector’s agency who was harassing me for payment on a credit card when I was teenager.

Whenever my Dad dances.

When my Dad sings Hotel California on karaoke–and sounds better than any guy who’s in the room.

My Dad holding my hand on the way to a pew on Sunday morning at St. Catherine of Siena Church when I was little.

My Dad telling my husband to go to me while I was in labour with my first child—when my husband fell asleep !

When my Dad told us, “If you don’t stop fighting, I’m going to throw that [toy] racoon out!”—and then did, (out the car window while driving on the highway) because we refused to listen. (We never questioned him after that!)

My Dad singing Dream, Dream, Dream by The Everly Brothers with me in harmony, by the campfire, the summer we went to Bonnie Lake.

Every time my Dad tells a raunchy joke!

When my Dad took me to my very first Toronto Maple Leaf game at The Maple Leaf Gardens—when he could have taken anyone else.

When my husband told my Dad’s co-worker, “I’m married to ____________’s daughter,” and his co-worker answered, “And he let you?!?”

When we were all on our knees working on our front yard landscape and my Dad said, “This is called a peanut, see? Because it’s shaped like a peanut.” (In reference to a mound we were building to plant some bushes.)

The fact that my Dad taught me how to truly and effectively shovel the driveway in winter.

That my Dad called in a favour so a salon would close so that me and my bridal party could get our nails done the night before my wedding.

The fact that my Dad and I share the same taste in mugs, plates, and cutlery.

When I hugged my Dad before leaving for the hospital and he said, “Just go. Don’t worry. God is with you.”


Happy birthday, Dad!

Hope you have an amazing day filled with the things you love to do!

And a year of good health, freedom from stress and anxiety, and a lot of happiness and prosperity!

I love you!


Zar bottle feeding
My Dad bottle feeding me a few days after I was born.


Me and my Dad in Florida.
Me and my Dad in Florida.


What great memories do you have with your Dad?

Do you have any special birthday traditions that you celebrate?


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