Nail Polish Lottery Club: Week 8

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Nail Polish Lottery Club

Week 8


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez /@ZaraAlexis

The Nail Polish Lottery Club creates a fun way in which to go through your unused/untried nail polish by selecting a random number each week on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. Based on members’ spreadsheet/database lists, whatever number corresponds on the list with the random number chosen, is the colour to try, wear, and post or v-blog about!

Would you like to join the club? Are you a nail polish hoarder? A secret nail painter? Do those colourful bottles just take your breath (and your budget) away every time you visit the beauty section of a store? Or would you like to just paint your nails from time to time and aren’t sure which polish to choose? Then this place is for you! (And Lindsay…and me…and oh, I don’t know how many others!).

For more details, check out the Nail Polish Lottery Guidelines here.


And now to the fun stuff!

This week’s random number is 7


Number 7 on my nail polish spreadsheet listed is:

Revlon #731


nail polish - revlon knockout


name - revlon knockout


What attracted me most to this colour wasn’t only its dark hue, but that it’s not a purely black colour. It’s actually a deep, dark navy blue-black, which you can see in different angles of light. From afar, it’s a striking creme black with enough shine to get that polished look.

While it’s not a look I’d wear on a daily basis, I’d enjoy wearing this to complement or create  a more edgy look. While “goth” may be the first thing to come to mind, I can see myself wearing this with more sleek and chic styling: flowing, black slacks with a beige, white, or grey, cashmere sweater, and chunky silver jewellery.

The colour was achieved in only two, clean coats. No streaks or chips. And it lasted for more than a few days. Top it with a great top coat and you’re set. I didn’t do that and it was still fine. A great addition to my nail polish collection!

nails - revlon knockout


nails2 - revlon knockout


But, just because I love nails, don’t think I’ve forgotten about my first love — books!

To integrate both loves, I’ve decided to also include with my nail lottery posts, a book cover(s) that I own in my library that I think complements or can be said to inspire the nail polish colour of choice or its art.


book1 - revlon knockout


Small Change by Elizabeth Hay


book2 - revlon knockout


The Cave by Jose Saramago


book3 - revlon knockout


The Bitter Taste of Time by Bea Gonzalez


book4 - revlon knockout


The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht


book5 - revlon knockout


Bed Bugs by Ben H. Winters


book6 - revlon knockout


The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


What do you think of the nail polish, Revlon #731: Knockout?

What’s the darkest colour of nail polish you’ve ever worn?

Do you prefer light colours over dark ones? Or the other way around? Why?

What nail polish are you wearing now?


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3 thoughts on “Nail Polish Lottery Club: Week 8”

    1. Excellent! You should definitely join the NPLClub! What are you wearing today? I just put on Essie’s “Clutch Me If You Can,” but I might just take it off to try my new Sephora polish, “Studs & Stilettos!” 😀

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