Nail Polish Lottery Club: Week 7

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Nail Polish Lottery Club

Week 7


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

The Nail Polish Lottery Club creates a fun way in which to go through your unused/untried nail polish by selecting a random number each week on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. Based on members’ spreadsheet/database lists, whatever number corresponds on the list with the random number chosen, is the colour to try, wear, and post or v-blog about!

Would you like to join the club? Are you a nail polish hoarder? A secret nail painter? Do those colourful bottles just take your breath (and your budget) away every time you visit the beauty section of a store? Or would you like to just paint your nails from time to time and aren’t sure which polish to choose? Then this place is for you! (And Lindsay…and me…and oh, I don’t know how many others!).

For more details, check out the Nail Polish Lottery Guidelines here.


And now to the fun stuff!

This week’s random number is 82


Number 82 on my nail polish spreadsheet listed is:

China Glaze #954

Below Deck

nail polish - china glaze below deck


Ever since I picked up the brand, China Glaze, for the first time I’ve been “gaga” over it. Every coat is as smooth and effortless as nail polish should be. And the hues that I’ve chosen, I just love. Below Deck looks different in light than it does in the shade. From far, it seems like a wonderful taupe colour, while in shade, it’s almost a “purple-grey.” The creme colours of China Glaze still have enough glossiness to make any nail fashionista shine. And as usual, only two coats and it’s a perfect match to what’s in the bottle. Better yet, this polish lasted me a week at the least with no chipping or fading.

This is a great neutral colour that can be pretty much worn with anything especially for the woman who doesn’t require attention that other “loud” colours might demand. It’s pretty, classic, and can be worn perfectly to the office or for everyday. Season? I’d wear this hue in autumn and winter the most, but because it’s one of my favourite shades, I’ll probably wear it more often.

nails - china glaze below deck


But, just because I love nails, don’t think I’ve forgotten about my first love — books!

To integrate both loves, I’ve decided to also include with my nail lottery posts, a book cover(s) that I own in my library that I think complements or can be said to inspire the nail polish colour of choice or its art.


Here’s what I found to complement, China Glaze #954, Below Deck:

book1 - china glaze below deck


The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman


book2 - china glaze below deck


Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden


Are you a collector of one type of hue in your nail polish collection or do you collection a number of different colours?

Do you like wearing the nail polish that suits your skin tone the best or do you like trying on new colours that are outside your comfort zone?


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3 thoughts on “Nail Polish Lottery Club: Week 7”

  1. Your post makes me want to change my polish! I like wearing polish that flatters my skin tone. And I like getting out of my comfort zone with the Nail Polish Lottery Club. So far all of my picks have looked great. It’s a good way to try all of my unused polish. I like having a color picked for me instead of standing in front of my oddles of polish trying to make up my mind. This is a neat looking color you are wearing. Another for my wish list?? Yes.

    1. Another nail polish fanatic! YES! So wonderful to meet you and for you to drop by. It’s hard for me to wear nail polish for too long because I want to try everything! Glad you like the colour. I have yet to try and post for Week 8. I’m so behind! LOL Happy painting! 😀

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