My Bunny Has a Name! – Giveaway Winner(s) Announced!

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My Bunny Has a Name!

Giveaway Winner(s) Announced!


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

For my birthday last month, I received a bunny. A nameless bunny. A bunny that baffled me with its namelessness. What’s in a name? Shakespeare knew. Which is why I decided to host a fun little giveaway for my readers: a name contest for this critter here:

Mommy's bday bunny


Readers were allowed to enter a maximum of three name suggestions per entry, which meant three chances at winning the grand prize of a book from our beloved The Book Depository!

While names ranged from cute, yet juvenile names that my toddler, too, would have loved like:

  • Floppy
  • Cuddles
  • Nibbles
  • and Fluffy

this bunny seemed far too mature in mind and literary tastes than what those names suggested.

And because he seemed to inspire the “sweet tooth” in others, which I think was indicative of his delectably coloured brown fur, many readers suggested yummy food names like:

  • Chocolate
  • Coco
  • Cinnamon
  • even Swiss Chalet (since that’s where my family took me out for lunch on my birthday)

And then, of course,

because of my bunny’s inherent compatibility with humans, he received many name suggestions  in honour of…well…us, like:

  • Steve
  • Kevin
  • Barry
  • and Danny

And then there were those of you who simply thought out-of-the-bunny-box and created intricate explanations of name origins, meanings, reasons why you nominated such-and-such names, which my bunny and I thoroughly enjoyed!

There were even names, first and last, to give my bunny a fuller identity.

And then there were names that were exceptionally creative, crazy, and fun—(like my bunny):

  • Cuniculus
  • Kelly Hopter
  • Runny Babbit
  • and Oompa Loompa
  • and even the suggestion to name my bunny after whatever’s on his tag!

Believe me when I say I had a truly difficult time deliberating which name I should choose as the   winner for my precocious bunny. I asked my husband and my two young children for their input and names were favoured and fought for, while some were even passionately contested. Still, because a contest like this is purely subjective based on my particular taste, didn’t mean it wasn’t a trial to downsize the list of nominations to at least 10 names!

Entries were that good.


But, after discussing it with “my bunny,”—because after all, his opinion does and should count—we decided together to increase and change the number of prizes for the contest and award TWO grand prize winners that were equally excellent in their nominations AND ONE runner-up for sheer creativity and fun!











And the winners who tied for the GRAND PRIZE…




for her entry:






for his entries:

Trunks McBratney


My bunny and I particularly enjoyed the creativity and reasoning behind these winning names!

Here’s Riza’s entry explanation for Chester:

“Chester” – ironically NOT the protagonist of the Bunnicula book series, but the family cat. Chester is a prideful, fellow literary buff, has an outrageously vivid imagination, and is known to NOT apologize for his errors, instead referring to them as “a slight misinterpretation of the facts.” He was also given to Mr. Monroe as a birthday present, and was named after English writer G.K. Chesterton. How fitting.

Here’s Joe’s entry explanations for Trunks and McBratney:

“Trunks” – because his ears are long like an elephant trunk….and there are two of them.

“McBratney” –after the author Sam mcBratney, author of “Guess How Much I Love You” (children’s book featuring brown bunnies)


And so, my birthday bunny’s new certified name is:

Chester “Trunks” McBratney!


I’d like to think that my bunny, who is the new mascot for The Bibliotaphe Closet blog, is also a literary buff with a vivid imagination. I especially liked that he’s being named in honour of a cat that was given to his owner for his birthday, too, and a character that is  “known to NOT apologize for his errors, [but] instead refer[s] to them as ‘a slight misinterpretation of the facts.'” Mmm…sounds vaguely familiar to someone I know!

And I absolutely agree that Chester’s ears are much like the shape of an “elephant’s trunk!” And I love the symbolism of the elephant. It’s one of the most intelligent animals known for its memory and for its good luck and fortune.

And while the name, McBratney is in honour of the author, Sam McBratney, who wrote, “Guess How Much I Love You,” (which is also one of my favourite children’s books that does feature a brown bunny as its main character), the sound of the name itself is indicative of how I imagine my bunny to be—somewhat of a BOOK BRAT!

guess how much i love you





And the Runner-Up of the contest is…

the winner



for her creative and fun entry:



It just so happens that one of my favourite snacks is popcorn, which  of course, my new birthday bunny also LOVES A LOT– because really, who needs carrots when popcorn is around?!? Hence, “Popcorn” is surely a suitable nickname for him and the runner-up winner for this contest!

The runner-up will receive assorted bookmark SWAG and a bag of popcorn! (Because that’s how Chester “Trunks” McBratney and I roll!)


Congratulations to all the winners!

I will contact the winners soon by email to advise them of their wins and ask them for their mailing contact information.  Winners will have 48 hours to respond to my notification to be eligible to claim their prize!

And thanks to all participants for your creative and thoughtful entries. I had a great time reviewing the list of potential names for my beloved bunny. Be sure to check back soon!

(I did receive a lamb plush toy for Valentine’s Day…and I might very well need help with a name for him, too, which means potentially another contest! <— HINT, HINT.)


Until then, happy reading! (From me and Chester Trunks McBratney, AKA Sir Popcorn!)

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