Seusstivusly Fun! 12.19.2012

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Suesstivusly Fun!


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

So much for my pre-planned Christmas holiday!—I couldn’t resist blogging for, oh I don’t know…a day! How can I help it?

CBC Books: Canada Writes hosted a fantastic contest yesterday on Twitter called Seusstivus that  asked players to create and define a new Seussian word that best describes an element of the holiday experience.  For details, check the original post on CBC Books here.

Of course, my inner Seuss jumped for joy and screamed, “Boy, oh boy! I want a toy!”—er…well, you get it. Actually, if my aunt didn’t pay me a surprise visit yesterday, I would have tweeted many more new Seussian words right up until 5:00 p.m.!

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Here were my Seusstivus Tweets:


You see what I mean?

I had so much fun coming up with Seusstivus words that I’d love it if this little event continues right until the New Year!


What’s your Seusstivus word of the season?


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2 thoughts on “Seusstivusly Fun! 12.19.2012”

    1. Laurie-Fory, you’re the best. Your comments always beat the rest! May your holidays be merry and sweet. May your tree be full of wonderful treats! May you stop me from this rhyming song, for I fear it’s gone too long. But I can’t stop myself, because Laurie-Fory, your’re the best! Ask anyone, they won’t contest! Merry Christmas, Laurie-Fory!!

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