Tinsel, Tree, Mistletoe, and Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Tinsel, Trees, Mistletoe, and Ho! Ho! Ho!


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

Given there are only seven days until Christmas, I’ve decided that The Bibliotaphe Closet will close its blogging doors temporarily for the holidays to give me an opportunity to:

  • finish some last-minute shopping
  • finish wrapping all the gifts under the tree
  • update my address book and agenda for the New Year
  • write the remainder of Christmas cards on my list
  •  make a gingerbread house with the kids
  • make plans for Christmas dinner
  • clean the house
  • cook and bake a storm for the holidays
  • go ice skating
  • make a snowman
  • make Christmas crafts with the kids
  • watch Christmas movies and TV specials
  • sing Christmas carols
  • volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • donate clothes and other items to Sick Kids Hospital, Bibles for Missions, and Goodwill
  • spend quality time with my family
  • read, read, read

I will, however, post online from time to time depending on the time I have and the compulsion to connect with all of you to share the joy and festivity of Christmas and the New Year!


Noel 2012



From my family to yours, may you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!


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