I Must Have Had Past Lives: Why I Love Vintage (Stuffing the Bibliotaphe Closet)

I Must Have Had Past Lives: Why I Love Vintage:

Stuffing the Bibliotaphe Closet


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

No, I didn’t post my regular Friday Feature covering the latest literary advocacy program or my Saturday Snapshot featuring a personal photo of interest this weekend. Why? I busied myself with non-blogging activities like grocery shopping, house chores, the Santa Claus Parade—and vintage hunting.

While others opt to furnish their homes with sleek lines of Zen-inspired, minimalist furniture, clothe themselves with imitations of runway couture, or  build a  collection of the latest fastest, and trendiest tech gadgets that would make the late Steve Jobs drool—I am at the other spectrum of the social timeline.

Whenever my larger family clan gets together, a few of them sometimes boast of the glitter and superficial glam of the new toys they feel compelled to drown in. And drown, they do. In excess. In boasting. In their highly esteemed belief that financial power equals true success, ideal happiness, and superior self-worth. The drowning sometimes leads to self-indulgent fantasies of greatness, distasteful displays of gaudy superficiality, and misplaced pride.

Am I jealous? No. I just have very different priorities and ideas about self-worth and happiness.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t knock and won’t knock the true value of products of great craftmanship, beautiful aesthetic, and innovation. I am a woman who enjoys the value of a diamond ring. Unlike some of my other family members and perhaps some people who are also infected with the disease of severe superficiality, I don’t require the price tag, the popular brand name, nor the sensationalized hype of material goods to define my worth or the worth of others.

Aside from that and a deep nostalgia for the past that I have either lived in or wished I had lived in, a deep appreciation for genuine and rare artifacts, as well as an aesthetic for items that are directly connected to a time now long gone, I highly suspect my taste and style are indicative of a past life (or lives)!

Do I really believe in reincarnation? No, not personally. But at the rate I’m hunting for and collecting products that keep me directly linked to the nostalgic past, I just might be an “older soul” than I had originally thought.

Today’s version of Stuffing the Bibliotaphe Closet includes purchasing the following old goodies, though not necessarily book-related:

A couple vintage finds I came across this weekend: a dress from the 1970’s, a white beaded purse, a gold-plated book locket necklace, a Victorian pill-box, and black pumps.



Do you like vintage pieces? If so, what kind?

Do you believe in reincarnation? Why or why not? If you could be someone from the past who would you love to be?

What do you think products will be like in the future in regards to design, aesthetic, and function?

Do you think “vintage” is in its irony, a new trend, or if not new, at least trendy?



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