Writing Wednesday: Where Do You Write?

Writing Wednesday:

Where Do You Write?


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

Where you write can be an extremely important question to you or one that is of little consequence. There are writers who can sit and write pretty much anywhere with anything and not have the question of where to write, heavy on their minds. There are other writers where an ideal writing space is crucial to a his or her writing routine.

As for me, I’m pretty particular about a writing space to call my own to help me feel most comfortable in setting down to work on a piece. Not that it’s necessary. I just like it. It usually sets the tone of how ready I feel to sit down and pen a piece of prose or poetry together.

If you know me well enough by now, you know that I’m particular about a number of things like:

1. I prefer clean white-lined sheets of paper to work on.

2. I do have a favourite pen (though I often write in pencil).

3. I hate medium point.

4. I prefer working under mellow lighting rather than harsh fluorescent bulbs.

5. I can’t listen to music while working unless it has no lyrics or is in another language other than English, otherwise I find it too distracting.

6. My desk is severely cluttered, but I prefer to write when I have  clear space to work on.

7. Coffee in a huge mug is usually my writing prerequisite.

8. I love working in front of a window.

9. If I can write in a cafe, so much the better.

10. I usually read a few pages of poetry and my favourite prose to give me a special appreciation and taste for language before I write.

11. If all else fails, I write on a clipboard in bed.


Here’s my desk space RIGHT NOW—and yes, I need to tidy up all this clutter!



Think about where you write. Describe your ideal writing space. Do you prefer an open or closed space? Now, write a detailed description of your actual writing space. If you write in more than one space, do this for each one. Do you notice any affects it may have on your style of writing or your ability to write depending on where you are? How can you make improvements to your writing space so that it’s as close as it can get to your ideal? Don’t get bogged down if your writing space isn’t what you desire right now. If your writing space is crucial to your readiness to work, spend some time creating it to fit your needs, but don’t overdo it. Waiting for an ideal space is a poor excuse not to write! Once you’ve created a space that you’re happy with in an environment where you feel most productive, sit down, and enjoy the writing process! What’s the point of writing anything creative, if you don’t enjoy it?


Do you have a writing space you prefer to work in? What is your ideal writing environment? Do you have some writing quirks that are particular to your personality like a favourite pen or particular type of paper? How does your environment or what you’re reading at the time influence your writing style? Leave a comment answering any of the above questions to share some writing preferences and tips!



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