Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Places to Buy Books



Top 10 Tuesday:

Top 14 Places to Buy Books


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

How do bibliotaphes build their book collections in the first place without going bankrupt? I, for one, am a frugal shopper when it comes to trying to stretch my buck. But I love books. And if you’re like me—yes, obsessed—you can never have too many books.

And I’m not referring to the buy-five-books-a-year-types. No, I’m talking about bibliotaphes. The book hoarders. The book hunters. The bookaholics. Those that maybe buy five-books-per-week-types.

Where, oh, where do we go to find our books? New and/or used?

Here are some places where I scrounge for books for great deals, for used copies, for rare finds, for out-of-print titles, and for all-around-book-goodness:

1. The Book Depository

There are two wonderful things about The Book Depository:

  1. Great affordable prices
  2. Free worldwide shipping

So, unless you’re an alien who lives on a distant planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy (there is one, believe me, I checked), you pretty much can order from TBD and get shipping for free! A lot of bloggers use this book site when choosing to ship books to winners because it saves on the cost of shipping. And who doesn’t love that? If you’re patient enough to wait 1-2 weeks for your books, then TBD is for you. And the prices are killer cheap, which means more books for your collection, bibliotaphe!

2. Bibles for Missions

You don’t have to be a Christian to visit Bibles for Missions and find a great deal. It’s a thirft shop that employs hard-working and kind volunteers while all proceeds go towards supporting missionaries and the distribution of Bible programs on a global scale. So, you’re not only getting your books at a great price, you’re also helping a good cause!

(The Bibles for Missions location just 10 minutes away from my house had a sale of 10 books for $2.00! Hallelujah! That’s a deal! And you didn’t think prayers get answered…)

3. Goodwill

Depending on the location you go to, you may be able to find some great new and used books that have been graciously donated by book stores, libraries, and patrons who just have too many books to house on their shelves.

Great Goodwill locations for books are:

  • Dundas Street East Store in Mississauga
  • Islington South Store in Etobicoke

(You can click on the main link and check out a local store near you with the online locator.)

They have a HUGE collection of books, that if you’re patient in perusing the shelves, will be able to find books that are sometimes almost new!

A great tip for book hunters in the GTA. Friday is 50% most items day at Goodwill, which means half-off already deeply discounted books!

And the proceeds to Goodwill go towards training and employment programs. So, pat yourself on the back for getting a great deal on books and for helping out in your community.

4. Value Village

Another great place of recycled items is Value Village. They also have a number of gently used books that range from $2.49 to $6.99. If you’re lucky, you can also find some new copies, barely read between that range.

5. Talize

Also like Value Village, Talize is a new thrift store chain that sells re-purchased items from retail stores whose items have gone on clearance at warehouse prices. And it usually has a large selection of used books to choose from the $2.49 to 6.99 price range.

6. Costco

If you have Costco membership, you already know the great prices they have on new books. I remember buying a stack of new releases for $8.00 (for e.g. Dividasero by Michael Ondaatje). And while you shop, why not buy a package of Nanaimo bars, too? They’re my favourite. And my goodness, those cakes are to die for.

7. The Fishpond

There’s always more fish in the sea…but in this pond, there’s also books—and free shipping! Take a look around and hope you get a great catch!

8. Amazon

You can buy almost everything through Amazon. I know, I’ve tried. If you have a credit card, a mailing address, and don’t mind spending at least $25 or more on purchases, you can waive your shipping fees, bye-bye. If you need some books, Amazon’s always good place to try.

9. Chapters-Indigo

Chapters-Indigo just re-designed their site and now you can have en even prettier, online shopping experience. I find their thematic book lists and Heather’s recommendations really helpful and they ship free to any store location for you to pick up your books if you want to save on shipping. Why not stop by? Their displays are gorgeous! (And Starbucks is usually just next door!)

10. Abe Books

This nifty little site helps you find books from thousands of booksellers. And includes textbooks and rare books.

11. Biblio Oz

Biblio Oz is another book search wizard.

12. Booktopia

This online shop focuses on books and DVDs.

13. Addall

Need to compare prices to get the best one? Go to Addall! A great book wizard for competitive prices. Including out-of-print titles.

14. Deep Discount

Looking for discounts? There’s a little bit of everything on this site, too. Not sure how deep it is, but any discount is better than none at all.


Not cheap enough for you?

Well,… there’s always the public library.

Read on, bibliotaphes, read on!


What’s your book store (retail or online) recommendation?



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