And the winner of my 700+ Twitter Follower Giveaway is…



And the winner of my 700+ Twitter Follower Giveaway is…


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

I remember the first time I opened up my Twitter account and broke out a sweat trying to figure out what to write. I knew it had to be succinct and extraordinary in only 140 characters and had to in some way express to the Twitterverse that I was indeed an intelligent, witty, and at the very least, interesting person! (Oh, I was so self-conscious, then.)

500 tweets later, I stopped biting my nails in hopes of reaching at least 50 followers to feel some kind of validation for my Twitter presence.

And then I met other bloggers, entered some Twitter contests, and slowly, but surely became obsessed with blog hops…and tada!

11,248 tweets later, a few of you noticed me and said,

Okay. I’ll follow this bookaholic.

So, thank you, Twitter devotees! Having 700+ followers (and what I consider to be social network, Twitter friends) makes me feel that my own feelings of self-worth aren’t entirely delusional.

I still believe in quality over quantity, but there are enough of you now to make me want to blow a couple of balloons, throw some confetti, and howl out loud like the madwoman that I really am (thanks for giving me the right excuse!).

While I can’t give everyone presents, the least I can do is give one person some joy by receiving a package in the mail!

Here’s the prize of mystery SWAG for one of my followers:


The winner of my 700+ Twitter Follower Giveaway is…


#56 – Laurie C.!



Laurie C. has been contacted and will need to confirm by Sunday, November 4th to claim her prize or another winner will be chosen.

Thanks to all who entered the contest. Be sure to check back for the next giveaway (my first-year bloggoversary is coming up…hehehe…so…there should be one soon!).

And congrats to Laurie!

(May you never require another bookmark again!)



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