Back to the Books Giveaway Hop Winner! 09.10.2012

Back to the Books Giveaway Hop Winner!


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

How has everyone coped with their “First Day Back at School?” Are you cruising back into your fall routine? Are your kids happy with their new teachers? Have they made new friends?

My son, Michael, was pleased to find out that there’s another “Michael” in his class and because of this simple fact, they’ve become good friends! The other Michael is new to the school, so my son is pleased to be the one to welcome him and show him the “ropes.”

My daughter, Mercedes, who’s only three-years-old is quite excited to go to school and wakes up every morning hoping that I will also drop her off. Much to her disappointment, she has a year to go—and then it’s Full-Day Kindergarten for her! YIKES (for Mommy, that is)!

The kids ready for the first day of school!


I, on the other hand, am still yawning from all this school excitement, busying myself with forms, agendas, and packed lunches.

But, in celebration of all this back to school drama, I’m happy to announce Rafflecopter’s winner for the Back to the Books Giveaway Hop at The Bibliotaphe’s Closet!


#520 – Lilian W. from Indonesia!


Congratulations Lilian!



Like, me Lilian loves Julie Kagawa and has chosen the following book from The Book Depository:


Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the giveaway! Be sure to check in at The Bibliotaphe’s Closet for more posts and giveaways! There’s another one coming up soon…



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