Time to Hit the Books! It’s the First Day of School! 09.04.2012

Time to Hit the Books! It’s the First Day of School!


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

After two months of summer sun, splash pads, BBQ’s, day picnics, hiking trails, amusement park rides, the playground, birthday parties, and touristic attractions…well, the day has finally come.

Back to school.

I don’t know about you, but I spent the last weekend dusting, vacuuming, washing, cleaning, tidying, and renovating rooms, and battling it out at a local store by bodychecking my way through the clothing and school supply aisles, while reassuring my son that, yes, an eco-friendly lunch would be packed in his new Spiderman lunch bag in his new Avengers knapsack that also includes his new Spiderman, indoor shoes. (Insert deep breath of relief here.)

Michael’s new backpack.


And while I was able to get the kids to finally go to bed at a reasonable time, I, however, did not get to sleep until very late—or rather, very early in the morning! (Ah…yawn! …Excuse me. I’m still trying to wake up on a late cup of coffee.)

But, the long-awaited day of dread (or at least anxiety) has arrived for many parents, teachers, and students.

Back to school.

Michael, awake for breakfast, but still a little sleepy…


Back to waking up early to an alarm that rings too loud. Back to quickie breakfasts and only a snippet of TeleToon cartoons. Back to packed lunches, filled knapsacks, waiting for the bus, or walking to school.

Back to the politics of the playground and recess. Back to washroom passes, putting your hand up to speak, and asking permission to leave the room. Back to morning announcements, the national anthem, and homeroom.

The kids on school grounds waiting for the teachers to come out.


Back to copying notes off the blackboard, to figuring out math problems you’ll never really use, and shooting out an intelligible answer that’s hopefully correct when called upon…

(Okay, wait—I better stop myself…I’m getting stressed!)

The GREAT thing about going back to school (other than receiving an education) is school supplies and of course: BOOKS!

 Here are some old favourites of mine when I was growing up:

Mr. Mugs


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom


Amelia Bedelia


Frog and Toad


Ramona Quimby, Age Eight


Books by Gordon Korman


Books by Judy Blume


Sweet Valley High


So, needless to say, the back to school frenzy has its advantages! Today amidst proud and anxious parents looking for teacher names, proper forms, and the right lineups, the kids were generally glad to meet again, catching up on summer vacation stories, and comparing new clothes and bags!

Michael turned eight in July and is now in Grade Three! He was excited to wake up this morning, put on his new clothes, and try out his new backpack. He even showed his former classmate, Sierra, his new, indoor Spiderman shoes!

MIchael in line, ready for school!


His class heading in. Time to hit those books!


Whether in middle school, high school, or university—or maybe a parent wishing your kids well on their first day, Happy First Day Back everyone!


Do you remember reading the above books when you were a child?

If not, what other books did you read when you were in school?

If you’re back to school today, what are you looking forward to learning this year?

If you’re a parent, how did you fare for the first day back?


Zara Alexis


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