Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-Thon Flower Challenge. 08.11.2012

Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-Thon Flower Challenge!


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

This challenge hosted by Unforgettable Books is to use a name of a flower as a stem to create an acrostic poem that describes why I like reading, blogging, or any other hobby of my choice.

For this challenge, I’m going to use one of my favourite flowers:

The Sampaguita flower (also known as the Philippine Jasmine) is my favourite. It’s not only the Philippines’ national flower, its scent is exquisite.


Shyness and solitude led me to quiet corners, a tree—the printed word.

book in its binding held secrets I could decipher and imagine though

My eyeglass frames were too large for my face.

Pixie dust and punctuation were things I played with

As a child far long into my age.

Goethe’s Werther wasn’t the only one who wept.

Ulysses, Umberto Eco, and unicorns…

asked of nothing more than the poet’s cadence—

The author’s reclusive pen.

And words delicate as the sampaguita, potent enough to come undone.


For more posts on the Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-Thon, you can visit here.


What’s your favourite flower?

What are your favourite hobbies?


Zara Alexis

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