My Family Reads Monday: 07.30.2012

My Family Reads Monday


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

Reading is not a solitary act at my house. It’s a communal, social, and beloved activity.  It’s our “quiet time” and our evening routine. It’s also our family time together to visit and support our local public library. It’s our time together to share an imaginary adventure and our thoughts and feelings about what we read.

This is why I started a periodical post called My Family Reads Monday to be able to showcase what it is that’s in the hands of my husband and my little ones since they love reading, too!

My husband’s pick of the week:



Yes, my 40+ husband is reading The Hunger Games. He’s been a part of the publishing industry for many years now and he’s not prejudiced when it comes to books. Though he’s literary (even though he doesn’t think so himself),  he’ll happily pick up the hottest YA fiction off the shelf out of sheer curiosity and to mind the pulse of latest book trends—oh, and he wants to read the book before he watches the movie!

He’s been reading this one for a while, God bless him, since time doesn’t seem to afford him enough quiet to actually sit, rest, relax, and read a book. He’s a busy, hard-working, fully scheduled and booked-up man. That’s my husband. Working, working, working—-so that I can stay at home with the kids, take care of the house, and read to my heart’s content. You gotta love him. I do.

His current read is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. (Someone please remind me to buy him a Mockingjay pin for all his effort!)


My son’s pick of the week:



My son just turned eight this month and well, his literary taste is growing, as is his vocabulary, and his reading level. His choice for this week is Into the Mist by Patrick Carman:

Before the walls went up…before the battle between Abaddon and Elyon…before Alexa Daley was born…there were two young brothers, Thomas and Roland Warvold, whose pasts were as mysterious as their futures. Raised in a horrible orphanage and forced to escape into a strange, unknown world, Thomas and Roland found adventure wherever they turned and danger wherever they looked. Their story is one of magic, exploration, fellowship, and secrets  — all of which need to be revealed as the chronicles of Elyon unfold. (From the back cover.)

Oy! Even I want to read it! Great literary choice from a great kid!


My daughter’s pick of the week:



Now, I’m not sure if my soon-to-be-three-year-old daughter is trying to tell me something, but this is the book that she’s interested in this week: Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard. I’m actually hoping it has more to do with the brightly coloured cover than it does with her “terrible-two” mood. She’s as wilful as I am—(or more) and that’s saying a lot! But, I’m sure this read will appease her and no one in our house can be grumpy at that!


My pick of the week:



I’ve been looking forward to reading this book since I’ve seen not only its description, but that it also just recently made the Longlist for the Man Booker Prize! How far would you walk to return to someone important to you in your past?


Do you know what your family is reading this week?



2 thoughts on “My Family Reads Monday: 07.30.2012”

  1. I am reading The Life of Pi by Yann Martel, G is really digging The Outsiders, J is really into the Bones Series, and C is captivated by Crank, Glass, and Fall Out, which we read together on our week’s holidays. Happy Reading!

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