Top Ten Tuesday! 07.10.2012

Top Ten Tuesday!


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis

Top Ten Names I Would Call My Bookstore


1. The Bibliotaphe’s Closet

This name is an obvious choice considering it’s the name of my blog. But, what better place to enter than a space stuffed with books?


The beginning to a great book.

3. Fine Print

It’s always best to look closely and read the fine print. My bookstore would carry the finest in literature and print editions.

4. Omnibus

Omnibus is my favourite word, Latin for “book.”


This is a place you want to pause and stop by—and a place you’ll want to stop by again later.

6. Whitman Was Here

Sing a song of yourself as you browse the shelves. Resound a yawp of joy as you find your book of choice.

7. How Novel

Print meets innovation. New characters, new plot lines, new authors, and newly released books. What a novel idea!

8. The Paper Stand

Much like the news stands in the streets of a metropolis, my bookstore would also sell funky stationery and pens for the avid reader and writer.

9. THE PRINT House

I prefer print books over e-books. My book store will carry both, but you can bet there’ll be more literature in print than there are in e-readers.

10. Zara in Wonderland

Who says Alice is the only one who can have fun and fall through a rabbit hole? This book store meets fiction, fancy, folklore, and fun.


What would you call your bookstore?



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