Stacking the Shelves: 05.27.2012

Stacking the Shelves: 05.27.2012

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

These are my beloved book stats—I own:

  • six bookshelves
  • 1,652 books listed on Goodreads
  • 2,554 Plum Points
  • a love of three favourite publishers
  • 178 blog posts
  • 17,329 hits
  • one Brampton Public Library Card
  • and only 24 hours in a day

which equals a total of a whole lot of book loving love…and well, a compulsion to read literary fiction, memoirs, poetry, short stories, children’s books, and YA!

What does all this book madness lead to?

  • broken-in book spines
  • bent pages
  • last-minute bookmarks
  • bookshelf envy
  • blog branding
  • all-night read-a-thons
  • author worship
  • reading event line-ups
  • literary fiction crushes
  • mailbox anxiety disorder
  • publishers’ rejection slips
  • twitter addiction
  • hashtag deciphering
  • Follow Fridays
  • Friday Reads
  • curse of the Rafflecopter
  • GFC’d, Linky-Linked, Networked Blog-Bogged, and
  • feeding yourself to the Feedburner
  • doing the Dewey
  • chatting on Tweetchat
  • buffing at BufferApp
  • and pinning on Pinterest
  • giving your life over to The Book Depository
  • jumping on the Meme Wagon
  • and of course…
  • stacking your shelves!

which inevitably leads me to this post.

As a book-breathing individual, I, like you, am compelled to stack my shelves.

Here’s my stack this week:

Books for Review:

Books from Random House of Canada:


Books from House of Anansi:


 Books from Grove Atlantic:


Books I’ve Bought:


What I’ve Borrowed:


Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. To add your blog to the meme, you can visit here.


What have you stacked your shelves with this week?



4 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves: 05.27.2012”

  1. You have the most epic covers for your books! (I especially ADORE Homecoming) but Gargoyles and Delicious Edible Birds look SO LOVELY! (even though the title of the latter creeps me out) I TOTALLY looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

    1. Thanks so much! My book-buying seems to be getting a little out of hand. I fear I’m collecting more than I’m reading right now. I hope to catch up with some time over the summer. A part of my decision-making has to do with the content description, the publisher, the writing style, AND the cover design. Sometimes I buy books JUST because of the cover and the cover alone. It’s terrible, but books can be so aesthetically pleasing, too, right? I can’t wait to see your collection. May we continue to “stack our shelves” with great finds. Thanks for your enthusiastic response and for commenting, 😀

  2. I admire your stats and recordkeeping! I can barely keep up with recording my books on LibraryThing, and had to give up on my handwritten chronological list of books read because I forgot to add to it so much that it wasn’t at all accurate anymore.
    I’ll watch for your thoughts on The Red House by Mark Haddon; I liked it, but it will be interesting to hear what you think.

    1. It’s laborious, but I’m not sure how else I could keep track of my books. The lists just keep growing—and in all honesty, I’m running out of physical space to house my books on shelves! It’s mighty time for me to invest in an e-reader… I’ll hold off on reading your review on The Red House until I finish reading it, Thanks for all your support!

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