The Bibliotaphe’s Closet New Magic Mug!

The Bibliotaphe’s Closet New

Magic Mug!

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

The “geek” in me can’t resist great branding—especially when that brand is my own!

“A little over-zealous, aren’t you, Zara?”

Zealous starts with a “Z”—so yes. Absolutely.

C’mon, admit it. If you’re a blogger and you’ve “branded” your blog, wouldn’t you be a little excited, too? (You, there, the ones shaking your heads—stop that. You really shouldn’t lie to me and my readers! Almost all of them are bloggers, so we know.)

Okay, so if you disagree with me, no problem. Maybe I’m a little too excited. I can’t help it. It’s like feeling a tinge of fame without the stalking. I don’t know about Justin Bieber, but I can walk out my front door, take my dog for a walk, and breathe in the fresh air without being photographed.


(Poor, Justin. I really shouldn’t make fun of him. He’s a growing teenager with a bank account that could pretty much buy an island for himself and his girlfriend! Plus, he’s Canadian—so props, Mr. Bieber! The craze for you is just as wind-swept as your hair! No hard feelings.)

So, what crazy thing did I do? I went ahead and made myself a magic mug. Magically! Like my favourite wizard: Luna Lovegood. Poof! I ordered it and it was delivered within a week. The delivery time in itself was magic enough.

Luna Lovegood. My favourite character in the Harry Potter series.


Wanna see the video? Sure, why not? Just try to ignore my two-year-old daughter who absent-mindedly lay her bag of chicharon on the table while the camera was still on. Thanks, daughter. Because you’re two, you’re forgiven.

And I think I’ll be drinking a lot more coffee, just to watch my Magic Mug, which is fine by me since I’m addicted to it beyond rehabilitation. It’s the only vice I allow myself. Okay, strike that. It’s the only vice I let others know about (snicker).

Now, to my Magic Mug…


The Bibliotaphe`s Closet Magic Mug. (c) Photo by Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez


Tada! The Magic Mug is also great to tell when your coffee starts to turn cold since it changes back to its original black colour. I can’t wait until next week when I receive The Bibliotaphe’s Closet new business cards….as in my son’s own words of amazement:



Have you “branded” your blog yet? If so, how?



2 thoughts on “The Bibliotaphe’s Closet New Magic Mug!”

    1. I love it, too. My awesome husband bought it for me! And with that thought, I think I’ll pour myself another cup of coffee. Thanks for commenting and dropping by. 😀

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