Support My Cousin in His Run for the Toronto Half-Marathon for the Halo-Halo Village!

Support My Cousin in His Run for the Toronto Half-Marathon for the

Halo-Halo Village!

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

My baby cousin who isn’t a baby anymore happens to be an avid artist and art teacher in Toronto and runs an art project called the Halo-Halo Village.

If you’re Filipino, you’ll be familiar with our famous dessert, Halo-Halo, literally translated as “mixed-mixed.” It’s a delectable concoction of shaved ice, milk, cream, ice cream, and your choice of “mixed” ingredients such as: mongo beans, pineapple gelatin, coconut strands, jackfruit, etc. The list goes on! And mmm…it’s good!


And so is my cousin, Jeff Garcia’s art and continual work in the creative industry!

Here are some of the images of how he supports the art community:

Jeff leading the young artists on an outing. (c) Photo Jeff Garcia. All rights reserved.
Jeff with his art students. (c) Photo Jeff Garcia. All rights reserved.


Not only is he a great artist (and no, I’m not just making a plug because he’s family—he really is gifted—I know, I’ve seen his drawings at the tender age of seven and they were complex), he’s also a great runner. (Now, I know how he keeps his thin physique!)

And so, on May 6, 2012 at 8:30am, he’ll be running the Toronto Half-Marathon on behalf of the Halo-Halo Village!

Yikes! Just thinking about it makes me tired (though, I, too, used to run long-distance—hey, maybe it’s genetic?).

So, if you’d like to support my cousin, affectionately known to me as “Jepoy,” here are the details in doing so:

  • He is running for pledges of $21.29. A dollar for every kilometre of his half-marathon (21.2923 km).

  • Donate $21.29 and your name will also be screen printed on the back of his race shirt.

(Now, the gift of giving is great enough, but the artist in Jeff compels him to give back!)
  • You will also receive a screen-printed poster of his race Bib Tag # with the total time he ran the 21.2923KM.

The collective poster will also include the names of all the Villagers who supported his run.


Proceeds will go towards Halo-Halo Village’s closing and renovation process

at 208 Christie St. during the month of May and to help continue his events and workshops outside of those walls.

Halo-Halo Village (c) Photo Jeff Garcia. All rights reserved.


He’s “running forward to new beginnings!”

If you would like to support his run for the village:

1. You can either give him cash or cheque ( payable to: Mango Peeler ) in person at: 208 Christie St. on Friday May 4th from 5pm-9pm. Or you can email transfer him your $21.29 donation to this email.

Security question: LONG. LIVE. THE. 

2. Send him your name/ record label/ studio/ clothing line/ your band/ etc./ that you want printed on my shirt and the bib tag posters.

Jeff will need the pledges and names by Saturday morning the latest as he will be screen-printing his race day shirt on Saturday May 5th.

If you live outside of Toronto please provide your mailing address in an email. You will receive a receipt for your donation.


Jeff with other Villagers. (c) Photo Jeff Garcia. All rights reserved.


He would also love the moral support! So go out and cheer him on during his run on Sunday or meet him at the Finish Line! Play some music on a boombox, bring him a mango, or make him a cool sign!

You can also follow details of Jeff’s run on Twitter (@mango_peeler) with the hashtag: #RUN4THEVILLAGE and his website.

(Drizzy Drake is a personal friend of his and he will be!)


Toronto Half Marathon Map
Race Details


Thanks to all who support not only my cousin, Jeff, in this marathon and his projects at the Halo-Halo Village, but the arts community on a whole.


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