Bookish Fun Friday: 04.28.2012

Bookish Fun Friday

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

Are you bookish? If you’re following me at The Bibliotaphe’s Closet, you’re most likely a book fanatic or have an extroverted form of book fetish. If so, you’ll be happy to know that I’ll be featuring bookish stuff on my blog every week or every other week on Fridays.

Here’s this week’s bookish treats:

Book buildings:


Book broom:


Little Girl’s Book Dress:


Literary hairpins:


Bookish license plate:


Book tattoo:


See-saw bookshelf:


Bookish snacks:


Book cover cupcakes:


Comic book makeup:


It’s quite clear that reading and books have been in our collective consciousness and its reproductions have filtered their way to result in creative and ingenious new forms. May we broaden our thinking in how we interpret not only the texts themselves, but the product of their art in our everyday.


If you could create something “bookish,” what would it be?



2 thoughts on “Bookish Fun Friday: 04.28.2012”

  1. Oooh! Those are all lovely! Good finds. Love those bookish buildings.

    I think I would like hairpins, but with a scene from one of my favourite picture books, like Virginia Wolf or My Name is Elizabeth.

    When my kids need bentos (just a few times a year, thankfully) I do a little artistic kind so maybe next time I’ll do one inspired by a book they like. Also, earlier this year Playing by the Book had an international Edible Book Festival, you should check that out!

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