Special Post: It’s Maki’s Bday! (+ “One Pup’s Up” Review): 04.23.2012

It’s Maki’s Birthday!

(+ One Pup’s Up Review)

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

Eleven years ago, a little puff of a puppy came into the world. She was born half Shih Tzu and Poodle (a Shih-Poo) mix of a large litter belonging to my sister’s boyfriend’s family. Already a connection was there.

She was at the beginning, a birthday present for my sister from her boyfriend at the time. Don’t worry, it’s a happy story between the two of them since he’s no longer her boyfriend, but her husband and my brother-in-law! Yay, for love!

In my sister’s excitement she brought the puppy home to show her off to my parents, whom we were all living with at the time.

My Dad was none too pleased since he wasn’t expecting a new addition to the family, let alone a pup. And a nameless pup, at that.

But, she had a way about her that squirmed her way into my father’s strict sensibility. She was set on the bed, just a fur-roll of a thing, small, round, and cute, literally giving us her best “puppy dog” eyes.

Little Maki as a pup. Her stealth mode in the backyard.

Dad softened quickly and suggested a few names, but my sister disagreed, already set on a name. My sister decided on calling her Maki since her black and white coat and small features reminded her of one of her favourite delights: maki sushi.

Trust me, we don’t remind her of the fact that she was named after a roll of rice and seaweed. Though the rest of the family calls her Maki, my affectionate name for her is Macqua or Max.

Everyone loves their dog, but in all honesty, I have to say, I’m actually and innately a little scared of dogs. I always was. But, not with Max.

She really has such a loving, gentle, and extremely obedient nature. She is a good dog.

When we go for walks, she’s always happy to greet her fellow canine friends with a strong bark because she likes to pretend that she’s a tough pup. But, in fact, she’s really shy and a little nervous when she meets new people. And God help her, when there’s a thunderstorm. It’s Armageddon to her!

Maki and Bee

(Okay, Bee isn’t technically a canine, but a gerbil. Still, there was a lot of love between them both!)

She doesn’t ask for much except a lot of love and a good belly rub now and then. And though she can’t catch a Frisbee as expertly as some of her German Shepherd buddies, she will make it known that her dog toy is hers and hers alone.

And it’s wonderful timing that she’ll be staying with me and my family for a while, just in time to celebrate her 11th birthday (that’s 77 in dog years).

I even won a book giveaway contest recently from DogTipper.com of the book, One Pup’s Up by Martha Wilson Chall and illustrated by Henry Cole!

ONE PUP'S UP by Marsha Wilson Chall and illustrated by Henry Cole.

My two young ones, plus Max, enjoys its counting story and its fun, rhyming narrative that starts, “1 pup’s up, 2 puppies tumble, 3 puppies roll in a fuzzy puppy jumble…”

Sounds just like Maki’s autobiography and humble beginning!

It’s a positive children’s book with a large font print for children to clearly associate numbers with the number of puppies and a great, rhyming read for children and parents (and puppies) to enjoy together! It’s a book filled with the joy of being a puppy! And being part of a family.

Which Maki is and has been for more than 10 years.

Happy birthday, Girl! You’re a big pup, now. A real Lady…

Maki, the birthday pup with M. April 23, 2012. (c) Photo by Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez.

Hope you can join me in wishing her good health (she’s having a little trouble with her eyesight because of her age) and lots of “puppy” love.

(After my son comes home from school today, Max is going to get some extra birthday treats, while me and the kids will work together to bake, eat, and enjoy some homemade, birthday cupcakes in her honour!)

Woof! Woof!


We love you, Macqua!