Doing the Dewey: Mini Challenge #5: The Weird Sisters Challenge. 04.21.2012

Doing the Dewey: Mini Challenge #5:

The Weird Sisters Challenge

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

How do I share my love of books with my friends and family? That’s easy. I basically stalk them on Facebook and by email and link them up to my posts at The Bibliotaphe’s Closet.

Just ask. Or don’t. They’re not all into it. Books that is. Plus, my stalking. (For you, non-literary types, I don’t mean the Christmas stocking type, I mean the Robert-Pattinson type!)

Robert Pattinson---in BED. OMG!

Okay, just give me a second. I think I just went all “Bella” there. Whew! I hate to objectify men, but for this example it was a tad necessary. (I love you Robert! Call me!!)

Anywhoo. Back to my love of books… See? I did it again. I made a plug for books. That’s what I do.

So, aside from Facebook and email stalking (vs. Edward Cullen stalking), I also buy doubles of books and encourage my friends and family to read them on loan and then pass them around when they’re done. But the books are usually too good to put down, so my family members and friends tend to show their true colours and “forget” to return them to me.

“What? Who me? What book?”

Yeah, yeah. Heard that one before. That’s okay, keep it! My only compensation is the knowledge that somewhere out there someone is reading and that’s good enough for me!

I also used to help administer a book club for the young cousins in my family called CFU (Cousin-Friends-United). They made up that name for themselves, not me! So, in that case I don’t get blamed—neither do I get credit.

Other helpful tips?

I gush over the telephone about upcoming titles and reiterate how important it is to visit your local library and indie bookstore. Hope you drop by yours and pick up some great titles. You can even beat the lineup if you put your books on hold and check them out yourself at a self-checkout kiosk! Go!

My little ones and I make a trip to our local library, pictured here at the Brampton Four Corners Branch.

And I always have books at the top of my Christmas list. This keeps my friends and family in the loop of what’s out there and that, yes, books are more valuable to me than diamonds, purses, shoes, or makeup! So, hah!

"Oh, don't you worry, Zara! I know you've been a good girl, so yes, EXPECT A LOT of books this year! Ho! Ho! Ho!"

And this year, I think I’m inspired to make my Christmas tree out of books. Because really, after someone else did it and posted it on Twitter, I went gaga. And I don’t mean, Lady Gaga. I mean, GA-GA!

So, no pine needles this year. Just books.

Other sharing ideas? Mmm…I could carry a megaphone with me and yell into people’s ears, but books are so great on their own I don’t think that’s necessary.

"BOOKS! BOOKS! Come and read 'em!"

(Okay, now, I KNOW I definitely won’t do this because that girl in the picture looks REALLY PISSED OFF!)

P.S. I, too, have a sister. Though, I’m considered the “weird one,” not her. Does that count for extra bonus points as entry into this challenge? Maybe? Yes?…

Yes, I know. That’s my little brother in the picture with me. I couldn’t find the picture I was thinking of with me and my little sister. Besides, she’s so camera shy, she’d most likely freak out if I post a picture of her on my blog.

Does having a little brother count, too? He’s not weird though. He’s cool!


A special thank you to Just One More Thing for hosting this mini challenge for the Dewey. I seem to be “dewing” a lot today.


2 thoughts on “Doing the Dewey: Mini Challenge #5: The Weird Sisters Challenge. 04.21.2012”

  1. Fan challenge entry, especially love the Christmas tree you included. You must make it difficult for anyone to resist the books you rec.

    1. I’d like to give credit to the books themselves, though I think bribery might also be involved. *wink!* Thanks for dropping by and checking my post. A lot more reading to go! Happy Dewey Day!

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