Bookish Fun Friday: Products for the Book Lover: 04.20.2012

Bookish Fun Friday

Products for the Book Lover

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

If you’re a social media junkie like I am, you probably know and frequent the online shop!

When I discovered etsy, I gushed much like I do when I receive a book in the mail or find a trinket in a vintage shop.

And what better way to merge my love of books with my love of shopping? Etsy has been one the key sources in allowing me to do this—or at the very least, pin some fun items onto Pinterest.

In celebration of Bookish Fun Friday, which is another theme I’ve conveniently added to my weekly features, here are some bookish items for the book lover in you and me!

Bookshelf Earrings from ALikelyStory:


Bookish Dictionary Clutch Pouch from peppermintdesigns:


Bookish Charm Ring from scarletbegoniajewels:


Scrabble Necklace Charm from Stef and Mark:


Book Geek Buttons from readnowsleeplater:


 Golden Antique Books Cosmetic Bag from MeredithMyersDesigns:


Steampunk Book Locket from TimeWatch:


Miniature Book Pendants from kariankelly:


Personalized Library Book Stickers from LittlebeaneBoutique:


Printable Library Card Guest Book from InvitationsInkGirls:


Revitalized Olympia Typewriter “Shelf Life” from TheAntikeyChop:


What kind of items and/or products would you like to see transformed into something bookish?


Be sure to come back next Friday for more Bookish Fun!


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