I am not out of my faction. I am part of #TeamErudite of #DivergentNation!

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

I am not out of my faction.

I am part of Team Erudite!

I don’t know about you, but I was born an Erudite. Like it or not, I was born this way. Yes, yes, the other factions have wonderful traits, but an Erudite is the most intelligent of the factions.

Without intelligence how could we read? And I’m a reader. And specifically, if you don’t know where an Erudite comes from, I suggest you pick up the book:

INSURGENT by Veronica Roth


I was teased as a child for more reasons than one, but that didn’t stop me from my quest for knowledge. And I did more than just get good grades—I got excellent grades! I kid. No, I did graduate as valedictorian of my class and was president of this and that, and almost always part of every extra-curricular activity known to school-dom—but, I digress. It’s more than that.

For me, it was the love of language, the love of discovery, and the love of solving what other people have a difficult tendency to see. It was the thrill of the challenge. The thrill of knowing.

Okay, so I was laughed at when I was a kid. Who wasn’t? And I started to wear glasses when I was 8 ½ years old. Sure.

But, books were always in my arms or in my backpack. And what I found in books and in study, I found nowhere else.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you a little shy?
  • Maybe introverted?
  • A super-geek?
  • Who loves to know things? And who actually does? 
  • Are you a voracious reader?
  • Do you see solutions where other people only get confused and flabbergasted by problems?
  • Do people always want to be your friend in hopes that you’ll help them with their homework?
  • Or do you secretly fantasize about saving and dominating the world in your small or VERY LARGE way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are an Erudite!

And welcome to an awesome team! You should be proud.

We’re the cerebral bunch. We’re the super-geeks and proud of it!


Can you spell “perspicacious?”

That’s right: E-R-U-D-I-T-E!


Okay, Whiz! Now, it’s time to join up. Help Team Erudite reach the top, where we all Erudites KNOW we belong!!! Buah-ha-ha!

(I’m kidding—but not really.)

Join the team. If you’re a smarty-pants then you know what you must do. It’s more than IQ. It’s commitment, passion—okay, okay—and a lot of I.Q.

So, join. It’s the smartest thing you’ll do.

To check the latest news on the Erudite Faction, visit:

Zara Alexis

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