Bloggiesta Olé Taco Wrap Up

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

Bloggiesta Olé Taco Wrap Up

It was a fiesta of a weekend for me and more than 100 participants of the Bloggiesta Olé Blogathon event!

I was able to complete a number of tasks that I’ve meaning to do to give my blog, The Bibliotaphe’s Closet a little extra love and attention—Spanish style!

Here’s a recap of what was on my spicy to-do list and my progress:

  • Create a Facebook page for The Bibliotaphe’s Closet because it’s getting stuffed with a lot of book goodness. – COMPLETED
  • Work on an update for my site on Book Blog.
  • Include the Networked Blog widgets to provide users with more access to moi and the closet. – COMPLETED
  • Finally finish rating and “Z-ringing” my book reviews (I don’t use stars. I use Z-rings.)
  • Re-vamp the look of the blog because, like me, no one should have to wear the same dress twice…in the same week…er…I mean, month. – COMPLETED
  • Drink up some of that HTML stuff people keep talking about. I’ll HTML this and HTML that. – COMPLETED
  • I might even give myself a practice run with that Copter guy. You know the one, the “random picking” Rafflecopter who rarely picks me when I enter a book giveaway contest. (Grrr…) – COMPLETED
  • And of course, work on some content especially for my Ink Blot page that’s intended to host my creative writing work!
  • And also stuff my Tote Bag page with more book goodies.It needs to be filled. It’s empty and it knows it. – COMPLETED
  • Add smaller social icon buttons to side bar. – COMPLETED
  • Add headings to widgets in sidebar. – COMPLETED
  • Nestle Weekly Thematic pages under a parent page. –COMPLETED
  • Learn how to embed video from YouTube into post. – COMPLETED
  • Learn how to embed videos from YouTube side-by-side in post. – COMPLETED
  • Add a blog event/review calendar widget in sidebar. –COMPLETED
  • Create & add reader feedback poll.
  • Change post layout from standard to gallery. – COMPLETED
  • Add a blog roll list of favourite blogs?
  • Create a To Be Reviewed (TBR) widget.
  • Create a Wish List. – COMPLETED
  • Create review policy. – COMPLETED
  • Create giveaway contest policy. – COMPLETED
  • Participate in a Blog Hop. – COMPLETED
  • Host a giveaway. – COMPLETED
  • Complete as many Mini Challenges as possible. – COMPLETED
  • Participate in Bloggiesta Twitter Party Chat. – COMPLETED
  • Follow new bloggers participating in Bloggiesta.
  • Find new book blogs. – COMPLETED

Highlights of the fiesta for me included:

  1. Learning some basic HTML, which really helped me learn how to better manipulate the look and functionality of my text.
  2. Embedding YouTube videos into my posts.
  3. Placing videos side by side on my posts.
  4. Cleaning up my sidebar with key widgets.
  5. Nestling pages under a parent page.
  6. Formatting posts in gallery mode.
  7. Discovering and Windows Live Writer
  8. Backing up my blog
  9. Hanging out with new blogger friends!

And I wanted to also give a special thanks to the bloggers who hosted Mini Challenges for the Bloggiesta! Thank you for sharing your expertise about blogs, blogging, and technical design. You’re the reason I know just a little more than I did prior to this event! And thanks, too, for being readily available for questions and for all your help and encouragement. Could not have succeeded in completing tasks if it weren’t for your great ideas and direction. ¡Olé!

And of course, a HUGE thank you to the hosts of Bloggiesta! You’re leadership, administrations skills, and cheerleading kept me and the rest of the participants going all weekend long! Your creativity and genuine help really made Bloggiesta a success.

And then there are all the wonderful, fellow bloggers that kept me in virtual company throughout the blogathon. If I didn’t get to chat with you, your presence still encouraged me to know and feel that I was part of a large blogging, blogathon community. And for that, I’m extremely grateful. Thanks and a warm welcome to new-made blogging friends!

Aside from all this blog and blogger love, I was also able to chomp on nachos and cheese and do the Salsa! Jajajajaja!

If you missed it this year, be sure to join next year. Your blog will surely appreciate you for it.

I’m taking off my sombrero, but I’m still going to dance while trying to complete the rest of the pending tasks on my re-vamp list!



Zara Alexis

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