Bloggiesta Olé Task List Additions and Progress

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

Bloggiesta Olé Task List Additions and Progress

I’m really enjoying this blogathon! I’ve been completing Mini Challenges, which have been extremely helpful in teaching me new things about blogging and blog design that I didn’t know before participating in this event.

For those of you who’d like to join, latecomers are still welcome and there’s still time! This blogging sabbatical isn’t over until Monday, April 2. And if you miss it this year, there’s always next year to come and join PEDRO (Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize.) and this awesome fiesta!

Here’s an update on my task list, which seems to fluctuate between getting completed and growing! ¡Olé!

Items in dodgerblue4 are complete.

Items in bloodorange are pending.

Items in chartreuse are new.
(Let’s see if I really learned something from these Mini Challenge tutorials! Heh!)
  • Create a Facebook page for The Bibliotaphe’s Closet because it’s getting stuffed with a lot of book goodness.
  • Work on an update for my site on Book Blog.
  • Include the GFC/Networked Blog widgets to provide users with more access to moiand the closet.
  • Finally finish rating and “Z-ringing” my book reviews (I don’t use stars. I use Z-rings.)
  • Re-vamp the look of the blog because, like me, no one should have to wear the same dress twice…in the same week…er…I mean, month.
  • Drink up some of that HTML stuff people keep talking about. I’ll HTML this and HTML that.
  • I might even give myself a practice run with that Copter guy. You know the one, the “random picking” Rafflecopter who rarely picks me when I enter a book giveaway contest. (Grrr…)
  • And of course, work on some content especially for my Ink Blot page that’s intended to host my creative writing work!
  • And also stuff my Tote Bag page with more book goodies.It needs to be filled. It’s empty and it knows it.
  • Add smaller social icon buttons to side bar. – COMPLETED
  • Add headings to widgets in sidebar. – COMPLETED
  • Nestle Weekly Thematic pages under a parent page.COMPLETED
  • Learn how to embed video from YouTube into post. – COMPLETED
  • Learn how to embed videos from YouTube side-by-side in post. – COMPLETED
  • Add a blog event/review calendar widget in sidebar.COMPLETED
  • Create & add reader feedback poll.
  • Change post layout from standard to gallery. COMPLETED
  • Add a blog roll list of favourite blogs?
  • Create a TBR widget.
  • Create a Wish List. – COMPLETED
  • Create review policy. – COMPLETED
  • Create giveaway contest policy. – COMPLETED
  • Participate in a Blog Hop. – COMPLETED
  • Host a giveaway. – COMPLETED
  • Complete as many Mini Challenges as possible.
  • Participate in Bloggiesta Twitter Party Chat. – COMPLETED
  • Follow new bloggers participating in Bloggiesta.
  • Find new book blogs.
  • Other than that, I’ll see where my creative powers lead me. Hopefully it’s to some new blogging friends (and experts).

Okay. Whew. If I can’t complete all these items during the Bloggiesta, this list is a great reference for the re-vamp of my page.

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my site for your readership, please, by all means, leave a comment on this post and I’ll see how I can incorporate more changes!

Until then, I’ll be working hard during the Bloggiesta and beyond while listening to may favourite Putomayo CD’s: Coffee Lands—and for much earned breaks I’m also going to make time to do the Salsa! Jajajajaja!



Until then, ¡mi amigos, ciao!


4 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Olé Task List Additions and Progress”

  1. Your list looks eerily like my own- so much added! I’ve been so inspired by Bloggiesta, I’ve made a lot of changes and have a lot more to think about as well.
    I hope my husband and kids are satisfied with the nachos and tacos I’ve made because other than that I am totally ignoring them in favour of Bloggiesta!

    1. This is wonderful news! I love that I’m participating in this since I’m learning A LOT of new stuff and I feel really empowered to finally be able to improve my site. Also, it’s really encouraging to know that others are doing the same type of thing in re-vamping their blogs AT THE SAME TIME. The fact that you took the time to stop by and comment has made all the difference in helping me feel part of this great Bloggiesta community! So much to do, right? I’ll drop by your page in a bit. Just want to finish up my page clean-up. Let’s Salsa later! Adios for now, Chiquita!

  2. Hi Zara! Congratulations on having SO MUCH done. And that color-coded list is something that my teacher sensibilities simply enjoyed. I took geeky delight in that, truth be told. And that is a nifty sombrero you have there. Looking great! I posted Mexican food on my blog when I posted on the quests/mini-challenges I’d be participating in, so that was kinda cool too. 🙂

    1. Wow! Thanks so much for dropping by. And I’m glad you enjoyed Bloggiesta! It was my first time participating and I loved the challenges. It was such an educational weekend especially since I’m not a techie! I visited your page and it’s SO clean. Wonderful! I didn’t post about Mexican food, though I ate a lot of it during the blogathon! Will be back to visit your page again. 😀

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