Thursday: Zara’s Ink Blot – Sapphire (Poem) 03.22.2012


“The poetic impulse is a seeking of dialogue with otherness, with language, form, emotion and ideas all commensurate. For me, poetry is the desire to touch something undeniable, an attempt to express what is withheld from knowing. The poem is a gesture toward the deep image, what we know as primordial, a locus for rhythm, music, cadence. The poem is a form or prayer, an act of faith, attuned to grace and sacred conversation with another. Writing poetry is a redemptive movement toward the culturally incorrect, the strange, the ineffable. The poet, in order to read and write mindfully, must become a cultural outsider. Writing poetry requires a stubborn practice for which there is no definitive guidebook, no map.”

-Rishma Dunlop, from Red Silk: An Anthology of South Asian Canadian Women Poets.



By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

I want that sapphire as badly

as I want something shiny and new.

The blue of the gem,

dark against my finger.

The sapphire is not my birthstone.

I was born to other things.

An empty palm—

a peripheral.

Call my name out loud again

and I will be adorned

in sapphire.

The blue of you

dark against

my hands.


Zara Alexis

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