Tote Bag Tuesday: 03.20.2012

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

Welcome to my new instalment of Tote Bag Tuesday! In actuality, I bought a whopping 40 books last week. Yes, it’s true. Forty. It’s not even an approximation. I counted and BAM! I had 40 books in a tall pile at my feet.

But, to post all 40 books would seem a lot like gloating wouldn’t it? I don’t like to gloat. The only thing I like about it is that it rhymes with the words moat and coat—one of which I’d like to own (a moat would mean I’d have a very large estate to protect, now wouldn’t it? Like a mansion. Like a castle!) and the other I’d like to wear, especially if tailored of brown leather.

Okay, the Asian girl in the photo is NOT me. I'm Asian, but not the girl in the photo!

But you’re not here about an imaginary moat or a brown leather coat, right? Right? Because that must be somebody else’s blog. Not mine.


Mmm… let’s open up this tote bag and see what goodies have been added to The Bibliotaphe’s Closet…

My very own typewriter tote bag. For anyone who doubts my passion and profession of choice.

Yes, I tend to enjoy thematic posts. I also categorize my library by theme and then author. This is why I’m not a librarian. It would hurt me too much to see books restricted by the numerical digits of the Dewey Decimal System.

Instead of looking like this...
...I look like this. (I'd be a very nice and helpful librarian.)

Do you notice this Tuesday’s theme of choice?



Books I bought:

The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

THE READER by Bernhard Schlink

This is an erotic story of love and secrets between a fifteen-year-old boy named Michael and his lover, Hanna, who is twice his age, in a time of postwar Germany.


The Lace Reader by Brunona Barry

THE LACE READER by Brunonia Barry

Can you read the future in the pattern of lace? Towner Whitney of Salem can. Can she discover the truth behind the death of her own twin sister?


Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi


This memoir is about a bold teacher named Azar Nafisi who secretly gathers seven of her most committed female students to read forbidden Western classics as Islamic morality squads and fundamentalists stage raids, seize hold of universities, and create censorship to stifle artistic expression.


Books I’ve won:

The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

THE WAY WE FALL audio book and swag by Megan Crewe

I received this lovely package of goodies as a winner of THE WAY WE FALL Contest on Megan Crewe’s website and was also given a chance to treat any one of my friends in North America to a pack!

I’m not going to tell you who I chose since I don’t want any squabbling between my nearest and my dearest.

"I CAN'T believe you would betray me this way by giving THE WAY WE FALL swag pack to SOMEONE ELSE!!"

But my “friend” knows. And that’s what matters!

Included in this great swag pack was:

  • The Way We Fall audio book
  • The Way We Fall spiralled notebook
  • The Way We Fall pen
  • The Way We Fall  magnet
  • The Way We Fall  bookmark
  • The Way We Fall hand sanitizer

It was such a fun package to receive even my husband was impressed and wanted to steal the hand sanitizer! Uh…no!

I just want to send Megan Crewe a special thank you for her generosity in providing SO MUCH cool swag for the prize pack that I won. And she even included a handwritten note that is now lovingly posted on my bulletin board!

Handwritten note from Megan Crewe...and on such a pretty Post-It note, too!

I’m a doodler and a writer, which means this notebook will be used. And did I mention I also collect pens? And magnets? And hate to bend pages in my books (thus, the need for an incessant amount of bookmarks)? And that I’m somewhat mysophobic—okay, I’m not, but I do keep a small pack of hand sanitizer in my purse for emergencies!

And I’ve seen the movie, Contagion!  (To see the trailer of the movie, click on the picture below.)

So if Megan Crewe’s book reads anything like the Contagion movie, then I know it’s going to be good.


For Tote Bag Tuesday, what’s in your tote bag? What kind of reader are you?


Zara Alexis

3 thoughts on “Tote Bag Tuesday: 03.20.2012”

    1. Oh, don’t worry, Love! I wanted to share book love with a non-book-blogger who doesn’t get the same access we do to books. But, next time, you’re there. It’s you, BFFFB!

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