Winner of Dr. Seuss 108th Birthday Giveaway!! (And a poem.)

By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez

Hey, Cats-in-their-Hats!

Did you have the rhyme in you?

Do you love Foo-Foo-the-Snoo?

Do you like fish and like fish blue?

Did you join this contest with a big HALLA-BABOO?!?

Foo-Foo-the-Snoo from Dr. Seuss' ABC Book


Whaddia mean, no?

Were you stuck in the snow?

Did your flowers not grow?

Were your pants on too low?


Let me guess, let me guess!

You couldn’t bother

with another

silly, little


"I should have entered this contest...DANG!"


Uh-oh, now, you’re sad…

you wish that you had,

but a book in your nook,

but a winner, it took!

Why didn’t you play?

And come by this way?

Put your name in the pot,

Punch your card in the slot…

But, now, it’s too late.

You waited your wait.

The contest is closed.

And the story, it goes…

One winner, one winner!

One winner takes all!

Who’s the winner?

Is it you? Is it her?

Is it him at the mall?


Hooray! Hooray!

The winner is…


She’s the big fish.

She got her big wish.

She wanted to be

A “Kuhli Loach”

She had the highest points

And she needed no coach.

A Kuhli Loach

She had a great answer.

And so should have you.

If only you played,

Silly Foo-Foo-the-Snoo!


Congrats Megan!

I will be sending you an email and the book, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue fish as your prize in the mail soon.

And thanks to all who participated.

There was a whole bunch of you who wanted to be clown fish!

Keep following. There’ll be another giveaway soon.

Very, very soon!

Zara Alexis


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